EXCLUSIVE: Story Behind A.J. McLean’s Night

Ralphie Aversa  —  01/27/2009 — 8 Comments

In case you missed it, TMZ just posted footage of a very innebriated A.J. McLean. The Backstreet Boy’s struggle with substance abuse is well-documented… who could forget the emotional revelation of his problems when the group appeared on MTV’s TRL back in the earlier part of this decade?

What I can exclusively reveal is that the group just completed recording their new LP, due out this spring. The boys were also celebrating Nick Carter’s birthday. Carter has three more birthday bashes on the docket, all throughout Canada, all planned previous to last night.
But is it possible that on their watch, McLean fell off the wagon? Interesting considering it is an unspoken rule within the camp that you do not drink in front of A.J., under any circumstances. The subsequent statements to be released by the parties involved will hopefully shed more light on what is looking like a bleak situation.

Ralphie Aversa

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8 responses to EXCLUSIVE: Story Behind A.J. McLean’s Night

  1. It is not up to someone else to keep AJ sober. Only AJ keeps AJ sober. He has NEVER kept himself away from other people drinking. Over the years he has attended numerous functions by himself and with the group where alcohol has been served. This was Nick’s birthday party-and SHOULD have been about Nick. Nick isn’t AJ’s babysitter and for all anyone knows, he could very well have let AJ know how he feels about AJ’s fall from sobriety. But to put the burden of AJ’s fall onto the shoulders of OTHER PEOPLE shows a COMPLETE lack of understanding of the disease of alcoholism. Trust me, with their next album and tour at stake, if the BOys could have “controlled AJ” they would have. This affects them almost as much as AJ.

  2. I dont believe in a new album. Wish I could.

    First – Is there any pictures of them recording together since the turne is over? very wierd…
    I really think there will be a no ending break. sorry

  3. ralphie.aversa. 01/28/2009 at 11:02 PM

    To the first comment – You essentially made my point with your last line. AJ’s actions affect not only himself, but the rest of the group – thus the reason why they’ve gone as far as to not drink around him. I agree that AJ is solely at fault, and that the night should have been all about Nick – however you still can’t ignore that some of his closest friends were there, and witnessed this happen.

  4. ralphie.aversa. 01/28/2009 at 11:03 PM

    To the second comment – listen to my interview with Howie – it can be found via a quick search on this blog – and you will hear that a new CD is on the way. I don’t think these guys are breaking up before it drops.

  5. First time I hear about break-up of BSB 🙁 Fans talk only about new album and new songs with others stars… That’s why I agree with Ralph. It’s gonna be cool if Boys will release their new album in May =) Better on 21 or 22 of May (anniversary of concerts in Russia). Ralph, I hope you said true about spring 🙂

  6. for the second comment.. informed yourself before posting a comment.
    they’re finishing their new album, . and THERE ARE pictures of them recordening it at their official fc website.. soo..

    and for the first comment..i totally agree with you
    i’m with you alex, i support you, i love you…

  7. ralphie.aversa. 01/30/2009 at 4:38 PM

    Again, I have exclusively broken the news that the group is attempting to release this CD in line with the 10 year anniversary of “Millenium” – this May.

  8. In response to the second comment, Members of the official fanclub have access to live footage and pictures of the boys in the studio, so, no doubt about the new album being released soon.
    About AJ, I agree with the first post. He is responsible for his actions, we cannot blame Nick or Howie just because they were there too. It sucks that we got to see him in such condition though. All I know is that we (his fans) will support him no matter what.

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