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“Extra” New York City correspondent AJ Calloway stopped by “Ralphie Tonight” amidst a crazy day to talk about a number of headlines – including Charlie Sheen co-hosting the TV program, Taylor Kinney speaking with the reporter about his upcoming wedding to Lady Gaga and Ciara’s recent visit to the “Extra” studio at H&M Times Square.
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Calloway also chatted about a fundraiser and black tie gala his fraternity, Omega Psi Phi, is holding later this month in New Jersey. For more info on it, click here.


In this week’s edition of “Trend Hungry Tuesday” – Resident Fashionista Jessie Holeva chatted about a seasonal trend that a number of A-Listers love, ripped jeans.
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Billy Corgan writes songs for The Smashing Pumpkins. He writes storylines for the wrestling outfit TNA Impact. And now the 48 year-old front man, with the help of friend and tour-mate Marilyn Manson, will attempt to re-write the discussion for how we look at Veterans who serve our country. The Pumpkins and Manson will kick off a tour this summer, and at each stop, there will be a campaign roll-out for “New Beginnings: Reaching America’s Vets.”

“Most people don’t know that Manson, like myself, is from a Military family,” Corgan explained to me during Live Nation’s “National Concert Day.” “And so we want to try and use this opportunity of the tour to rebrand some of the social discourse around Military vets and their families in terms of American culture.”
Corgan specifically referred to taking the conversations out of the “political sphere” and placing them back in to the “social and civic sphere.” He hopes to raise awareness to the challenges that veterans and military families face when they return home.

For the campaign, Corgan and Manson have teamed up with the Easter Seals Dixon Center. The organization is the military and veterans arm of Easter Seals, which has provided to support to vets since World War II. Its aim is to help “veterans, military families, employers and organizations that want veterans to reach their potential and participate fully in their communities.”

Making the media rounds with Corgan was Colonel David W. Sutherland, U.S. Army (Ret.) and Chairman of Easter Seals Dixon Center Military and Veterans Services.

“It’s connecting with (veterans) in a meaningful way,” Col. Sutherland said of the partnership’s mission. “Billy’s going out on tour with Manson and they’re going to have the conversations in the local communities, and then we have the opportunity to follow up to really deliver to services or the delivery of services.

“But we can never allow,” he continued, “as we forget about the wars, we can’t forget about those touched by military service.”

Corgan and Manson will make sure of it.

“I feel very, very confident that if this issues is put out the right way, and done with some humanity and some tenderness, especially coming from me and Manson, where you wouldn’t expect it!”

“The End Times” tour kicks off July 7 in Concord, Calif.


Life & Style Weekly reports that Mariah Carey had a few rather interesting demands before she kicked off her residency at Las Vegas’ Caesars Palace on May 6. Reporter Melissa Roberto also talked about Justin Bieber’s alleged love triangle and how Disney may be changing the way it deals with its younger stars on “Ralphie Tonight.”

Had things gone as scheduled, the North American leg of Iggy Azalea’s “The Great Escape” tour would be in full swing. Sadly for fans of Azalea and supporting acts Nick Jonas and Tinashe, that was not to be the case. Citing “production delays,” the “Fancy” rapper postponed her trek until September. In the midst of the change, three shows were subtracted from the itinerary, presumably due to scheduling conflicts.
And Sacramento, Las Vegas and Baltimore were not the only losses in the mishap. On top of undertaking the creative direction for her arena tour, Azalea was also faced with the task of finding new opening performers. Jonas, as he has talked about a couple of times on “Ralphie Tonight,” has a jam-packed 2015 between music and acting commitments. And Tinashe, who scored a breakout hit last year with “2 On,” will now support Nicki Minaj’s “The Pinkprint Tour” alongside Meek Mill, Rae Sremmurd and Dej Loaf.

Making the media rounds during Live Nation’s “National Concert Day,” Tinashe explained to “Ralphie Tonight” how she found out that her 2015 calendar would be changing.

“My manager (Mike Nazarro) had found out,” the singer responded, before elaborating. “We were starting to just get the signs and we kind of knew that something was happening, so when it finally went down I was like, ‘Darn! That’s really disappointing.’”

Without even taking a breath, Tinashe adds that she is excited to tour this summer with Minaj.

“It definitely worked out,” she continued. “I think it’s going to be a really exciting show; a lot of energy (and) a great lineup.”

The trek kicks off July 17 in Dallas.

I’ll never forget the spectacle that was Nickelback on stage. The year was 2004; I was a Street Team Leader at the Top 40 radio station I grew up listening to, Kiss 98.5 in Buffalo. I and two colleagues drove to Darien Lake in scenic Corfu, N.Y. and headed backstage, where two musicians in 3 Doors Down not named Brad Arnold recorded liners for the station (Arnold, the lead singer, was on vocal rest). We then made our way to the front of the amphitheater to catch the end of 12 Stones’ set (“Broken” was my jam). Next up, 3 Doors Down, and the band sounded so true to its studio recordings it was ridiculous. Arnold and company ran through a tight set of hits from The Better Life and Away From The Sun. No theatrics, no crowd hype; just straight melting your face off.

We almost hit the road after that to beat traffic (pretty sure we had another appearance that evening back in downtown Buffalo) but we decided to hang around a bit to see what the Canadian rockers had in store for the crowd. I won’t say they were better or worse than 3DD… but Nickelback was certainly different. The best way I can sum up the contrast between the two acts is by telling you the most memorable portion of Nickelback’s set, in part because I had never seen anyone do this on stage before.

“Who wants free beer?!” growled Kroeger to the sold-out crowd. The audience roared and so at their behest, a road case-turned-tabletop was wheeled out. On top of the case were dozens of plastic cups filled with beer. Nickelback then began to grab the cups and toss them one-by-one out to the crowd.

A quick YouTube search actually yielded a few videos, including one from the band’s official account, of this act. Apparently Nickelback has done this as recently as 2012 and it is referred to as the “Beer Toss.” Hey, the more you know.

Anyways, fast forward 11 years from when I witnessed it: Nickelback will tour with Lifehouse later this year, and I demanded that Jason Wade and Bryce Soderberg tell me what they would give to the masses this summer.
“Well I guess we can’t give them free beer anymore,” joked Wade. “Free tequila maybe?”

You can’t blame the lead singer for his line of thinking. After all, we were speaking at Live Nation’s National Concert Day event, which conveniently fell on Cinco de Mayo.

“Alcoholic beverages always work on any level,” added Soderberg. “So we’re going to have to dig in to our rider and see what we can cough up.”

The mention of beer actually jogged Wade’s memory to the last time he saw the guys – about 15 years ago.

“We played 10 shows with the guys in 2000, 2001,” the lead singer recalled. “We’d both play our sets and then have some beer after the shows. They’re the most down-to-earth, nicest guys.”

Between the two bands there will be plenty of big hits to be played, and maybe a beer or two to be shared throughout the summer. Lifehouse’s seventh studio album, Out Of The Wasteland, hits stores May 26.


In this week’s edition of “Trend Hungry Tuesday” – Resident Fashionista Jessie Holeva talked about a trend seen on red carpets recently, including the Met Gala, ponytails.
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Life & Style Weekly reports that Meghan Trainor’s musical background has family roots. Senior Reporter Andrew Nodell also talked about Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez on “Ralphie Tonight.”

Marc Scibilia stopped by “Ralphie Tonight” to talk about his forthcoming, Butch Walker-produced album Out Of Style, his tour with James Bay and much more. The Nashville-native grew up, like me, in Western New York. So of course, there was a bit of reminiscing and catching-up to do (Marc and I have known each other for a while).
It is shaping up to be a big 2015 for the singer/songwriter. Earlier this year, his cover of the classic “This Land Is Your Land,” ended up on Jeep’s Super Bowl commercial. Outside of the Halftime Show, it was the most “Shazaamed” moment of the night. Scibilia’s debut LP drops this summer. Check out our chat and a video of Marc performing the first single, “How Bad We Need Each Other” below.


In this week’s edition of “Trend Hungry Tuesday” – Resident Fashionista Jessie Holeva talked about a trend recently seen with Kim Kardashian in New York – a book clutch.



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