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In an interview that aired Monday on “The Ralphie Radio Show” – the band Train confirmed that they’ll hit the road this summer with John Mayer.

“I think we might be back (in Northeast PA), with John,” confirmed lead singer Pat Monahan. “I think we’re gonna do a handful of dates with him in this part of the country. We’re really excited about that.”

The tour revelation is just another chapter in the on-going saga of the San Francisco trio’s comeback. After a three year hiatus – Train released Save Me San Francisco last year. “C.S.I. New York” featured the band along with the single, “Hey, Soul Sister.” Radio picked up on it soon after – and now the Train is traveling the country again, selling out theaters, with plans yonder.

“Radio really did everything for us,” Monahan said. “C.S.I. kinda took it to a different place.”

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But the group is embracing both traditional media and social networking sites, such as Twitter. Train revealed that all three members update the official Twitter page, while guitarist Jimmy Stafford noted that such things are now a necessity.

“It’s a different world now,” Stafford said. “People buy their music on-line, and it’s a whole new way for us to stay in touch with our fans.”

The comeback brings a group of fresh fans from a new generation or music lovers and artists, alike. Recently in an interview with MTV News, Orianthi counted herself as one of those Train supporters.

“That’s really cool – you know what I think is happening is we’re all kind of fans of each other these days,” remarked Monahan. “We want each other to do well. Orianthi is an amazing talent, and were psyched for her too. So yunno instead of, ‘Hey man, she’s taking up my space on the CD case,’ it’s like, ‘Let’s do something together!’”

So who knows, maybe a Train/Orianthi collaboration is right around the corner? But, surely Train doesn’t have to worry about Orianthi taking their space on a compact disc case… now iPod space – that could be a different story.

The bands were managed by the same company, recorded with the same label, and fell under the same genre of pop-rock filling mainstream radio. So maybe it’s only right that Boys Like Girls front-man Martin Johnson shed some light on the recent break-up of Metro Station.

“Trace (Cyrus) kicked every member out of the band,” replied Johnson, referring to Miley’s older brother and Metro Station’s lead singer, after I asked him about the alleged break-up. “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Rumors began circulating of Metro Station’s demise following the cancellation of a college date at Towson University. Cyrus along with Mason Musso later announced the band would be placed on an “indefinite hiatus.” Soon after, Cyrus announced via his Twitter page that he would still release music with a new band.

Johnson, along with BLG band mates John Keefe and Brian Donahue, called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show” last week. The Boston-based quartet (Paul DiGiovanni was not on the line) was in Los Angeles, amidst a flurry of promotion for the latest single from Love Drunk called “Heart Heart Heartbreak.”

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Ralphie with Martin and Paul from Boys Like Girls, Nov. 2009

“We cashed in our one auto-tune card,” joked Johnson about the vocal effects heard on the new single. Boys Like Girls filmed the music video for the song on the West Coast. The group also appeared at the Kids Choice Awards, stopped by Seventeen Magazine, and performed on “Lopez Tonight.” Donahue noted the experience on the new George Lopez show differed from the band’s other late night TV cameos.

“It’s so relaxed,” said the bassist. “By the green room, George has Astroturf… it’s set-up like a putting green. You can work on your short game before you go on TV.”

Who knows when the guys will have any time for golf. The band is prepping for another promo run, and then “The Bamboozle Road Show.” The tour includes Good Charlotte and Third Eye Blind. If any date on BLG’s calendar is circled, it would be June 27 – when the tour hits the Comcast Center near Boston. Keefe grew up in Mansfield, MA – the actual town of the venue. He didn’t have to join a band to grace the stage there either.

“I graduated on that stage,” the drummer reminisced. “My first show there, I saw David Bowie and Nine Inch Nails. That will always be a big thing for me.”

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TMZ’s Dax checked in to chat about footage TMZ obtained of Tiger Woods practicing for The Masters. TMZ also reported later in the evening that Tiger recently shot a new commercial for Nike.

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Forget pimpin’… tweetin’ ain’t easy these days – even if you’re an international superstar with over 20,000 followers on the social networking site.

Shontelle Layne found that out the hard way – as imposter after imposter created accounts on Twitter claiming that they were the real Shontelle. But, there’s only one (@Shontelle_Layne), and now that is undisputable, as Layne’s account is “Verified.”

Twitter Verification is the process by which Twitter puts its official stamp of approval on an account’s claim that he/she/it represents what the user claims. A baby blue and white “check mark” along with the words “Verified Account” appears in the upper right hand corner of the profile. There’s only one form of verification, yet a number of methods to obtaining it. Layne broke it down during an interview on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” prefacing the story by admitting the processes can be both complicated and frustrating.

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“There’s two ways you can do it – if you know people on the inside, like you can contact Caroline or whoever that are on the inside,” Shontelle revealed, with a quick name-drop in the process. “Or you can just do what everyone else has to do, which is go to (Twitter’s) support on-line, and submit one of those verification request forms.”

Layne admits her management took care of the process, although she has a hunch that her “twarmy” – passionate stable of fans on Twitter – played a role in the outcome.

“My management had been on it for a minute, and then suddenly my followers got really annoyed ‘cause of all the imposters,” she recalled. “They literally did this thing called a ‘twitition.’ I don’t know what that is, but it spams everyone out.”

Shontelle said that the Twitter petition spread quickly, and soon her followers were “at replying” the artist, requesting that she check her profile to see the change. Layne finally received her blue and white check mark, and suddenly tweetin’ became a little easier for the Barbados-born singer.

The artist is currently finishing up her sophomore LP, No Gravity. “Impossible” is gaining airplay on mainstream stations across the country.

Check out what you missed from PROM DATE 3.21.10 at Bentley’s, Route 309 in Ashley.


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Barbados-born Jaicko stopped by “The Ralphie Radio Show” to chat and perform an acoustic version of his new single, “Fast Forward (FFWD)” – off his forthcoming LP, Can I.

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Adult film star Joslyn James adds another chapter to the on-going saga in Tiger Woods’ transgressions and infedelities, as she released a pleathora of racy, explicit text messages that were allegedly sent to her by Tiger Woods.

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I ran in to FeFe Dobson in December of 2007. Dobson randomly appeared inside The Mall At Steamtown in downtown Scranton, an apparent guest of Drake Bell. We chatted for a few minutes (we met previously in Buffalo during the spring of ’04), and before we parted, she gave me a note to pass to Bell. Dobson also assured me that we’d be speaking again in the near future.

“You’ll be hearing new stuff from me real soon,” she revealed during our chance encounter. “Real soon.”

Perhaps it depends on your definition of “real soon” – but fast forward over two years later. Dobson is back – performing, recording on a major label, and releasing new songs for Top 40 radio. Her latest offering is “I Want You,” the first single from Joy.

“It’s full circle,” she remarked on her reunion with Island Def Jam Music Group. “I mean, (IDJMG) have been my family since I was 17, yunno? So, it’s great to be back.”

Back in 2003, Dobson released “Take Me Away,” followed by “Everything” in 2004, from her debut, self-titled LP. Both cracked the top 40 on mainstream radio airplay charts. The immediate success brought a whirlwind of media appearances, tour dates, and sales.

Photo Credit: Vibe

Part 1: Performing at The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductions, Career coming full circle

Part 2: The chance encounter at The Mall at Steamtown back in December 2007.

Considered a future superstar by her label, Dobson ventured back in to the studio to work on her sophomore LP, Sunday Love. After the album’s first single, “Don’t Let It Go To Your Head” didn’t chart, Island dropped Dobson, just days before the scheduled release of the album.

But, still, it’s now March 2010. What has she been up to?

“I had made some music for other artists, or, had music on other artists’ albums,” said Dobson, who brought up working with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Jordin Sparks. “That was different for me, I’ve really never done that before – had (my) songs sung by other artists. And then I was just writing, and growing up, and doing my thing, and (laughing) having experiences.”

And of course, one of those experiences led her to downtown Scranton one blustery winter day in ’07. Dobson said she came out to support Bell, who she still talks with and considers a good friend.

“He’s someone I still think is amazing and I think he’s just so talented,” Dobson gushed, while admitting she was a little embarrassed about the whole mall situation. “I can’t wait for his new record to come out.”

But in the meantime, Dobson will prepare for her own record’s release, which is dropping May 4. Real soon. For real this time.

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FeFe checked in to “The RRS” to chat about her return and her debut single from Joy, which hits stores on May 4.

Btw, Dear DMCA Police: I host a syndicated radio show. I have permission from IDJMG to use the single cover and make my interview available for download. The segment is called “The Daily Download” on my show, and the song is not for download. THANKS.

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