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Early Saturday morning, TMZ posted a photo of Lil Wayne, claiming he clutched what appeared to be an automatic weapon, with the caption that the picture was taken on July 27, 2009 in Pennsylvania.

The Ralphie Radio Show can confirm the photo was taken that day, in Scranton, outside of Lil Wayne’s hotel – The Radisson. As I reported back in July, the “gun” in question is actually a BB gun. According to my source, Wayne went as far as to hide it from people on his bus, as he didn’t want a picture like the one above surfacing.


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The Ralphie Radio Show broke the news FIRST that Kid Cudi was off Lady GaGa’s “Monster Ball.” TMZ picked up the story and linked to the blog. TMZ’s Leslie Harris called in to chat about the story.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV – Local listings here.
Check out the article here.

The song “Future Love”, originally co-written by Ryan Tedder and recorded by the boy band Varsity Fanclub, may have hit airwaves first – but according to singer Kristinia Debarge – the song belongs to her.

“It’s my record now,” responded the 19 year-old when I asked her if she “covered” the song. “I’ve never heard (Varsity Fanclub’s).”

Debarge claims she didn’t find out until about a month after recording the song that VFC released a version prior to her recording. Initially, it caught her off guard.

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19 year-old Kristinia Debarge chatted with The RRS about her songs, “Goodbye” & “Future Love” plus opening up for Britney Spears – and you’ll never believe what cell phone number we have that she doesn’t!

“I was like, ‘Why am I doing this record? That’s someone else’s!’ (Island Def Jam Music Group) were like, ‘No no no, it’s yours,’” explained Debarge.

Producer Jim Jonsin and rapper Pitbull helped to differentiate Debarge’s version from VFC’s by releasing a remix, which IDJMG sent to radio stations in November. Similar to other tracks he cameos on, Pitbull never reached out to Debarge or the label – he simply heard the track, recorded the verse, and sent it off.

“I still haven’t got to talk to (Pitbull) about it yet, which I would love to do,” revealed Debarge. “I wanna thank him for doing this record with me. We both recorded that record separately.”

Right after she told me this, I immediately called Pitbull – but to no avail, as he didn’t pick up and his voicemail inbox was full.

Debarge is currently working on her sophomore album, the follow-up to Exposed – which spawned a Top 20 hit in “Goodbye”. The singer reveals she will be writing more on this album – which is still untitled – although Debarge hints the title will have “something to do with wishes.”

Michael Sharpe, the 19 year-old college student who says he received a haymaker from one of his favorite emcee’s, Kid Cudi, now says he still hasn’t received an apology.

Sharpe checked in from the Phillipines, where he’s home on winter break. Just five days ago, the college student thought he did the right thing by tossing a wallet that wasn’t his back on to Kid Cudi’s stage. Cudder took the gesture as an insult – video that surfaced online shows the rapper remove his ear monitors, jump off stage, and land a hard punch to the face of a fan, allegedly Sharpe. But after our 10 minute conversation Thursday, it seems that the fan’s feelings are hurt far more than his face.

Photo courtesy of TMZ. Video of the incident is below:
“Being home now, and talking about it with my family… it’s different,” Sharpe revealed in relation to his feelings on the incident. “Definitely, if he would have hurt me seriously, I’d be much more upset. I didn’t really think about that though until I came home.”
Sharpe also said he has been in touch with a man claiming to be Cudi’s manager. The person kept insisting that an apology would be forthcoming, however that seems less likely as the days pass.
“How busy can he be, that he can’t call me and apologize?” asked Sharpe. “If you punched someone at a bar, and you were sorry, wouldn’t you make it a point to call and apologize? I’m not even looking for anything, other than just an apology. I’m just a fan.”
It was in that vein that Sharpe sent his latest and thus far, last series of text messages to the rapper’s alleged manager. After hearing news that Kid Cudi would no longer be on tour with Lady GaGa, a story first reported by The RRS, Sharpe reached out to make sure everything was cool. The “manager” retorted with a defensive, press release-like statement, noting that Cudi pulled himself off the tour, and was not asked to leave.
“I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'” recalled Sharpe. “Like, is he trying to make a statement through me? That was it for me.”

We The Kings found out first hand that there are many benefits to rock stardom. Apparently one of those is that if you’re in the band, you’re never stuck with the bill… even if you ruin bed sheets in a New York hotel for three consecutive nights.

“It was crazy, we kept waking up and there were smiley faces everywhere,” explained front man Travis Clark – who referred to the new tattoos that each band member got – the smiley face that graces the cover of WTK’s latest LP, Smile Kid. The ink was fresh, and the boys from Bradenton, Florida found themselves in the Big Apple promoting the new album. Even Clark became a little skeptical of how the situation would play out with the hotel.

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“I was just like, ‘Dude, they’re not gonna give us any more sheets,’ because we’ve literally ruined every one of them,” admitted the lead singer. “We probably ruined four beds (worth of sheets)… three nights in a row.”

But according to Clark – the mishap didn’t cost the band a dime. He admitted that usually a check or tab is the one thing WTK does not have to worry about.

We The Kings chatted with The Ralphie Radio Show before year’s end – the band’s fourth appearance on The RRS this year, leading all other artists. Chris Daughtry placed second with three guest spots.

He’s 15 years old – already traveling the country with an entourage, performing at sold out venues, shutting down shopping malls, and singing for the President of the United States. Yet, you can’t blame Justin Bieber for finding it a bit weird that people actually care about his dating life.

“A little bit,” the pint-sized singer responded when I asked him if he thought it was strange that people asked him about his personal life at his age. “I mean, I’m young. I mean, I’m dating but I’m not dating anyone specific, yunno what I mean? Just like, being a kid.”

Refreshing to hear that despite all of the hoopla, and record sales, and commitments – Bieber can still focus on just that – living the life of a 15 year-old. When I spoke with him, a crew from the New York Times trailed him for an upcoming feature. Also rolling with Justin – two reps from Island Def Jam Music Group, two managers, band mates, and dancers.

You can’t blame any of the aforementioned for surrounding Bieber – the teenager became the hottest ticket in pop music faster than you can say “Bieber Fever.” Things don’t look to ease up anytime soon – 2010 will bring a new LP in My World Part 2 along with a headlining tour. Usher’s protégé revealed on The RRS that there will be an opening act for the trek, but would not announce who.

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Any star that rises as quickly as Bieber in this day and age is bound to have some controversy following – and that came courtesy of a scheduled mall performance that went awry. Matter of fact, Justin never showed up. But, on November 20, a thousand screaming tweens did storm in to the Roosevelt Mall on Long Island – and a false spotting of the teen sensation sent the crowd in to a frenzy. Paramedics took one girl away on a stretcher and police arrested IDJMG’s senior vice president for sales.

A few weeks later, Bieber played for an estimated 20,000 people outside at the Citadel Outlet Mall in Los Angeles. Although the event went off relatively smooth, there were a few reported instances of near-trampling as fans waited impatiently for the artist to arrive. All of this begs the question – have we seen the last of Justin Bieber mall appearances?

“I dunno, as long as we have enough security I think we’ll be fine,” he said. “I just don’t want little girls to get hurt… I just love to be able to perform for my fans in general.”

Big thank you to my good friends at TMZ, who linked to The Ralphie Radio Show blog in their report of news I broke today in regards to Kid Cudi’s departure from Lady GaGa’s “Monster Ball.” Despite my deletion of the story from the blog, TMZ still gave credit to The RRS, as we first reported the change.

The Ralphie Radio Show and TMZ have enjoyed a great partnership since the official launch of The RRS in August 2007. I’ve always preferred TMZ to other celebrity news blogs because they actually report – as in gathering sources, fact checking, breaking news, and creatively writing/distributing the facts. This simply reaffirms my beliefs, as TMZ did not have to link to the blog, but did because from a journalistic perspective, it was the right move.

Okay, before I get in to the story, let’s post this:

That is a screen shot of my blog earlier today with the story that I initially broke in regards to Kid Cudi. If you read the screen shot, you know the details of the story. A source at Interscope Records confirmed to me that Kid Cudi was no longer on Lady GaGa’s tour. They did not specify whether Cudi left or was asked to leave, but according to my source, this incident in Vancouver may have played a role.

The story posted to the blog at 2:25PM EST on December 16, 2009.

I posted the article and immediately distributed the link via e-mail, Facebook, & Twitter. It wasn’t long before both MTV and TMZ got wind. Next thing, Interscope received calls. Next thing, I received a call, and was asked to take it down. I was told that some type of official statement was forthcoming.
Please keep in mind, I did nothing wrong – I was never asked not to talk about the information I received, and all parties involved were aware that I was a radio show host. Nonetheless, I obliged. Essentially, I accomplished my mission: to break the story first.

When you report on a story, you have to put all personal feelings aside. Interscope Records has always, always treated me well. Interview with Lady GaGa, New Kids On The Block, Keri Hilson, Ryan Tedder… I could go on… all not possible without some level of cooperation from Interscope.

That being said, I value my relationship with the label a great deal, and therefore took the link down. It’s now back up in a different form – because clearly the story is out there, so whether it’s up on my blog is neither here nor there at this point. Kid Cudi released a statement. The storyline has come to a close.
Why repost? My good friends at TMZ linked to The RRS blog. I’m saving that story for a different post. Long story short, I didn’t want TMZ to look out of place for linking to my blog, considering the story was missing from it when the link was put up.
Tomorrow on The RRS… we’ll speak with Michael Sharpe, the student who was punched, and get his reaction to the incident.

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Singer/songwriter Benjamin Wagner checked in to The RRS to chat about “A Holiday Benefit, Vol. 3” – a compilation of seasonal songs that is sold with proceeds benefiting 826, a nonprofit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization with locations in seven cities across the country.

Check out 826 National here.
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The video for the compilation single, a cover of “Christmas Is The Time To Say I Love You” is below:

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Days after allegedly being on the receiving end of a haymaker from Kid Cudi during a show in Vancouver, 19 year-old Michael Sharpe called The RRS to explain why he won’t press charges, and how Cudi’s people may in fact be reaching out to him…

Video of the incident is below: