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AUDIO: CNN Quotes Ralphie In Chris Brown/Grammy Story; Relationship Expert Weighs In

After a three year hiatus, Chris Brown returned to The Grammy Awards on Sunday in near-unprecedented fashion for someone of his age. The 22 year-old performed twice and scored the award for “Best R&B Album” with his 2011 release, F.A.M.E.

While “Team Breezy” celebrated the comeback, there were quite a few others that were not pleased to see Brown back on the Grammy stage. In 2009, the crooner and then girlfriend Rihanna were both scheduled to perform at the awards show. But a physical altercation the night before the show left the songstress bruised and beaten. Brown would be charged felony assault and making criminal threats, and pled guilty to a lesser charge later that year. Since the plea deal, the singer completed his year of domestic violence counseling and six months of community service.

With Brown’s personal track record since the incident and the caliber of music he’s released, I felt it was appropriate for the Academy to, at the very least, invite him back. You can read my comments in the full article on, here.

But despite paying his debt to society, and receiving the forgiveness of the person he abused, there are many that still will not give Brown a second chance.

Stacey Nelkin of The Daily Affair is one of those people. She feels it was wrong for the Recording Academy to shine a spotlight on Brown given his past.

AUDIO: Relationship Expert Defends Cop Who Gave Woman Ticket, Then Asked Her Out on Date

The Daily Affair’s Stacey Nelkin chatted about a recent story out Chicago in which an officer issued a woman a ticket, then used her information to track down her car and left her a note, asking the same woman on a date. Stacey feels the woman should not be suing the officer!

Check out Stacey’s website here.

AUDIO: Panel Discusses Using Social Media While on a Date

This interesting infograph recently appeared on the website for Forbes, illustrating the dos-and-don’ts of using a smartphone around and during a typical dinner date.

For the first time ever on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” a panel of contributors joined the show simultaneously. They engaged in a discussion on the use of social media while on a date. Social media expert Kevin Evanetski founded Social Yeah, a boutique social media strategy firm based in Buffalo, NY. Evanetski compared a person who friend-requests a date the night after dinner to an overzealous person that texts a potential date 20 minutes after they received the person’s number. Relationship expert Stacey Nelkin runs The Daily Affair. Nelkin thinks a phone should not even be kept in sight during a date, saying it is “akin to cheating,” as if the person is trying to look at other options.

AUDIO: Stacey Nelkin Chats About First Allergic Reaction Triggered by Sex

The Daily Affair’s Stacey Nelkin chatted about a recent story out of the UK in which a woman’s allergies to nuts (the food) were triggered by sexual intercourse.

Check out Stacey’s website here.

AUDIO: The Daily Affair’s Stacey Nelkin on Chris Hansen’s Alleged Affair

The Daily Affair’s Stacey Nelkin voiced her opinion on the recent allegations that Chris Hansen, host of Dateline NBC’s “To Catch a Predator,” was himself caught in an extramarital affair with a news reporter in Florida. The National Enquirer allegedly caught Hansen using, get this, an undercover camera. No really Chris, have a seat right there…

Check out Stacey’s website here.

AUDIO: The Daily Affair’s Stacey Nelkin on Men Saying ‘I Love You’ First

The Daily Affair’s Stacey Nelkin weighed in with her thoughts on this new study, which reveals that in two-thirds of heterosexual relationships, the men say “I love you” first.

Check out Stacey’s website here.


Download the mp3

Stacey Nelkin, actress and co-author of the book, “You Can’t Afford To Break Up: How an Empty Wallet and a Dirty Mind Can Save Your Relationship”, called in to The RRS to discuss how a Cupid can work effectively within a tight budget.

Read more here.