in case you missed it, or simply forgot, i appeared about a month ago on WYOU’s Interactive segment to lend my opinion to the effect of political satire on the presidential election. just received the video this week – both segments in full below.

’nuff said.

“it” is perform on the vma’s…

comeback? another flop? either way, it’ll equal ratings supremecy for mtvizzle. the speculation is here.

are childless.

more women are having fewer children. the study is here.

our favorite dunder-miflin employee explains what should really go down…

the boys are back.

my life finds purpose again on september 7.
surprise, surprise… ended up in nyc. the debauchery is documented in this facebook album.

you can’t see me.
obama and mccain pick a top 10 for blender, read here.

ya don’t say! great, just in time for the hills premiere tonight…

what a joke.

and leave jennifer aniston alooooooonnnneeeee!!! seriously though, i think john makes a number of valid points in this little diatribe of his…

btw, if you care to read “jen’s response” – click here.