Of course – campaign finances weren’t used – but those earings Michelle Obama wore on Election Night still ran her back a cool $11,000 – according to my friend Sharon over at New York.

Don’t worry, not all Long Islanders talk like this…

Maybe Taylor Swift should as well? Joe is now dating actress Camilla Belle. Did he upgrade or downgrade?

Apparently the new couple met on the set of the “Lovebug” music video. More useless details here.

Apparently the only unequivocally bi-partisan media outlet in this country is the National Enquirer. After ruining John Edwards’ chances of serving in President-Elect Obama’s administration – the NE is claiming that this is Cindy McCain… with another man.

Full story here.

Siding with her – but I think only because I don’t mind anyone making the squeaky-clean Jonas Brothers look not-so-clean… and I have a crush on Taylor…

But of course, in the end all parties involved are not even 20 years old yet – so does it really matter?

Apparently this is a possibility, read more about it here.

According to this study from The University of Maryland – yes!

Download the mp3

Leave it to Ralphie to call out T-Pain on acting like a diva… of course, enlisting the help of TMZ’s Leslie Harris in the process…

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Ralphie & T-Pain – Syracuse, NY – Dec. 2005 
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T-Pain in the Ass — What He Won’t Do…

Posted Nov 10th 2008 2:22PM by TMZ Staff

T-Pain has issued a list of demands — it’s just a little unclear as to what they hell they are.

The singer’s management has thrown down the gauntlet to anyone wishing to interview the guy in the next few days — here’s what was sent out: 

Please let interviewers know that Pain will only be discussing his album release on 11/11 and any other topics surrounding what he is currently doing.

He will only answer one question on

Wayne and upcoming projects they have. No questions on picking favorite artists, who he would like to work with or any other kind of lists.

If you are fun with it that’s fine, and shoot out 5 cool questions relevant to what’s going on in his life cool [sic], otherwise he may he may [sic] get mad.”

Going by this request, it is okay to ask T-Pain why he doesn’t know these kinds of demands make him look ridiculous.