let me share the view on this comfortable saturday evening in western new york…

sorry for the image quality – given the light (or lackthereof), it was the best my vaio’s on-board web cam could do.

anyways, the long weekend is in full swing. i hope you’re finding time to break from labor and spend time with those close to you. i am blogging from my fam’s backyard, watching the sun set as the wind bristles against the water of our inground pool, all while typing, fending off the occasional mosquito, and of course, sipping my labatt blue light.

in related news – my mom bought a case of labatt summer brews… i didn’t even know such things existed – i’ll let you know how johnny labatt’s take on honey lager and other summer favorites fare.

enjoy these next couple days off, i’ll catch you back on the radio tuesday evening with a brand new segment – the daily download. yes, it’s as cool as it sounds.

file this one under, “an olympian’s attempt to stay relevant.”

full story, phelps first date preferences included, here.

throw the partisanship out the window for a second, this is pretty cool.

heck, any moment in time where kanye is answering questions for oprah is notable.

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TMZ’s Leslie Harris filled in Ralphie Aversa on the latest property listing in the SoHo district of NYC – Heath Ledger’s old apartment!

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV – Weekdays at 5 on Channel 38 – The CW.

for “so what” – a many digs at her ex-hubby, corey hart…

jury still out on this for me… i’ll get your thoughts tonight…

kinda late on this one… dope track off of graduation called “good morning” – all animated – from the grammy nominated…

song reminds me of the amazing experience at montage…

actually, i don’t think cat calling ever left. show me a woman that doesn’t love the attention, and i’ll show you a liar.

of course there’s a study, and it’s here.
she’s in nyc filming for her new reality show, and could do way better than this…

someone tell her that i’ll sign the footage release form.

i don’t feel bad for her – because rumor has it at an appearance in binghamton earlier this month, she expected the red carpet, hollywood treatment, and acted like a snob.

in binghamton.