This guy is the QB for the Eagles – a Syracuse University alum (and Board of Trustees member) – and he doesn’t know a NFL regular season football game can end in a tie?

BTW, in a playoff or Super Bowl game, the teams play as many OTs as it takes to decide a winner. C’mon man…

$30 of $100… 20 off of 60… 10 off of 20.

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Apparently TMZ TV is now a stepping stone for aspiring TV hosts, such as musician John Mayer. TMZ’s Leslie Harris explained everything on The Ralphie Radio Show.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV – Weekdays at 6 on Channel 38 – The CW.

11.13.08 : Maroon 5. f. Cross, Swizz Beatz – If I Never See Your Face Again… (Remix)

Interesting read from Time Online here.

BTW, a bone marrow cell displayed above.

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Yes, Michelle Obama paid $11,000 for those earrings she wore on Election Night. Amy Odell, editor of “The Cut” blog on, called Ralphie during the drive home to break down the accessories and other wardrobe choices of the next First Lady.

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This story might bring you new found hope – and it has nothing to do with President-Elect Obama. Apparently this cat returned to its owner.

After a 13-year seperation.

Of course – campaign finances weren’t used – but those earings Michelle Obama wore on Election Night still ran her back a cool $11,000 – according to my friend Sharon over at New York.

Don’t worry, not all Long Islanders talk like this…

Maybe Taylor Swift should as well? Joe is now dating actress Camilla Belle. Did he upgrade or downgrade?

Apparently the new couple met on the set of the “Lovebug” music video. More useless details here.