actually, i don’t think cat calling ever left. show me a woman that doesn’t love the attention, and i’ll show you a liar.

of course there’s a study, and it’s here.
she’s in nyc filming for her new reality show, and could do way better than this…

someone tell her that i’ll sign the footage release form.

i don’t feel bad for her – because rumor has it at an appearance in binghamton earlier this month, she expected the red carpet, hollywood treatment, and acted like a snob.

in binghamton.

sometimes, fruit may be the right route of healthy eating in the city…

it’s for the song i posted last week – “overdosin” – and no, thankfully this wasn’t filmed by spencer, although it might be just as painful to watch.

p.s. – does anyone care about the hills season 4?

read this and try not to throw up as you caruse through the figures of what lauren, speidi, and others on mtv’s the hills make per episode.
larry rudolph told ryan seacrest his client, britney spears, will not be performing on the vma’s… whoa, what was that?! oh, just the spin i felt – that’s all.

craig robinson was at “the office convention” last year. but certainly his real life isn’t a reflection of any actual dunder-miflin employees.

better known as “darryl philbin” – warehouse foreman – plead guilty to one count of possession of a controlled substance. the item at hand was ecstacy. he escapes with just community service and drug education classes.
mo and i hit up the tomato fest in pittston. i was not impressed, for a number of reasons.

for starters: if this picture was taken after i took a bite, my thumb would’ve aimed in the opposite direction. it was my first and probably last dish of gnocchi in the commonwealth. gnocchi is my favorite pasta – and this was my least favorite dish – as i don’t prefer any type of pasta smooshy.

london broil, sauerkraut-filled pierogies, and beatles music at the tomato fest? puh-leeze. obviously people enjoy it, and there is plenty of good food still (sopresatta sandwiches from sabatelle’s were out of this world) but i don’t think i’ll be returning next year.

the facebook album is here.

TMZ’s Leslie Harris filled in Ralphie on Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps’ new $1.69m Condo in B-More!

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