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Read this story on a kid from back in Western New York, who was picked up on suspicion of DUI. The article appeared in my hometown newspaper and first media employer, the Niagara Gazette.

Please, don’t drink and drive.

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The Wingman helps a listener move in on a friend who is being mistreated by her boyfriend.

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Ralphie read an interesting story on about Beyonce’s alleged bad breath. So, Jossip Editor Drew Grant phoned in the details to The Ralphie Radio Show.

Read The Article Here.

We’re in a recession, REAL reporters, like my friends from Syracuse University, can’t find work.

Yet Joe The Plumber just landed a reporting gig.

Can’t say I’ve ever done this… but to each their own… article/study out of the U of Pitt is here.

Here til 4 but the Red Cross will be accepting donations til 6:30. No appointment needed. Save a few lives and register to win a 42″ Plasma TV!

For a full list of NEPA Blood Drives, click here.

Also while you’re here – let me clear up one misconception… I did not receive the $1,000 – nor was it offered to me. Thanks.

And now, my name and 97 BHT – in print – in the New York Daily News “Gatecrasher” column – right under Rihanna’s name.

According to this LiveScience study, worry about nutrition – then physical activity, if you want to keep the lbs off.

(Undated photo of Rev. Gregory Malia)
Big thank you to Sean Evans, who is the lead reporter for the Daily News on the Rev. Gregory Malia story and a co-author of the infectious “Gatecrasher” column in the NYDN.

Read the article, with my quotes, here.