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Everyone regarded Friday, August 8, 2008 (8.8.08) as a lucky day. The Ralphie Radio Show put that to the test. Ralphie sent Mike from the Street Team to Mohegan Sun with $20 of his own money!

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TMZ’s Leslie Harris talks on The Ralphie Radio Show about the investigation in to Heath Ledger’s death and Mary Kate Olsen’s involvement.

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV – Weekdays at 5 on Channel 38 – The CW.

so after this ad hit the airwaves…

paris hilton responded with this spot on the internets…

you heard the 10 worst on the show last night… read the bottom 25 here.
allegedly – as the idol 6 finalist tells the hartford courant that he’s currently in a long-distance relationship with a girl.

forget reporting from the front lines of war – this week – anderson cooper is all about commentary on denise richards and living lohan…

so you might remember a few months ago when i launched a semi-indy study into compression’s effect on music – both via in the studio, on the radio, and with mp3s.

a few weeks ago, i continued the conversation with cy curnin, front man for the fixx, a band that’s seen a great amount of success since the 80’s – in tv, radio airplay, and touring.

check out a recap of the first piece, and my convo with cy below…

dreamy or disgusting?

hopefully he atleast chewed some doublemint gum

so mary kate olsen refuses to speak with feds regarding the death of heath ledger – unless she’s granted full immunity from prosecution…

the skinny (no pun intended) is here.

btw -batman is number one at the box office again.

yes, there is such a thing. the details, along with some interesting facts, here.