if you look at this facebook album

don’t discriminate against berries of any color. btw – my first time trying pinkberry – delish. chose a small original with blueberries.

also met one of my childhood heroes and favorite yankee players ever, the captain, number 23, don mattingly.
thanks to linda at the red cross…

read more about this here.

and it was soooooo awkward… i think she sounded dece though…

from last night’s so you think you can dance on fox.

it’s the end of the world as we know it…

heidi montag, an answer on last night’s jeopardy. wow.

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TMZ’s Leslie Harris called in to The Ralphie Radio Show with exclusive details on how Shaquille O’Neal and his wife will be avoiding the court of divorce…

Catch Leslie on TMZ TV – Weekdays at 5 on Channel 38 – The CW.

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97 BHT’s Ralphie Aversa put the remix on Duffy’s “Mercy” – and boy is it delicious! Although, it does smell a little funny…

you NEED to read the story mayer just posted to his blog.
soulmates? text messaging? in love?

more details here. c’mon stray-rod.

first track from ali lohan’s called all the way around.

did you know that you can save up to three people’s lives with just one unit of blood?

this was taken before the big moment, as i answered questions and had my blood tested for iron. i’m the biggest baby in the world, and even i’ll admit, it wasn’t bad at all. didn’t faint. even received free pizza and refreshments. the staff is great, and they’ll take excellent care of you.
click here to find out your next shot at giving blood and saving lives with the american red cross.