as if the 15 year old didn’t have enough drama in her life right now… perry will be attending the teen choice awards, which cyrus is hosting, and kidd kraddick is sending you to

the article is here.

“taking a break is almost as worse as a break-up, because there’s no closure.” – a friend in nyc sunday.

happy tuesday.

fergie told me about this when we spoke a while ago… taboo tied the knot over the weekend…

all of the peas were in attendance – with and as groomsmen. tab tapped bep manager polo molina as his best man.

taboo turns 33 today.

apparently hova demanded a watermelon be carved into the shape of beyonce’s breasts while performing in africa recently.

you think jigga knew about this?

in other jay-z news, the aforlinked article mentions that he took his entire stage crew to dinner after what jay called, “ridiculously good” glastonbury set last month.

oh, you mean the set that started like this?

it gets better – he dropped in the range of 10 to 20 g’s on the meals.
of course, this is of special interest with all of the drama surrounding madonna and my beloved yankees’ third baseman alex rodriguez.

very, very convincing read here.

that picture is from this tmz article, apparently cynthia joined a-rod in toronto with atleast one daughter in tow.

of course this post comes right after the lance bass “dwts” rumor. anyways, interesting read here.

sometimes slow mondays call for a little recycling…
the rumor is that lance bass will be dancing with the stars next season. but there’s a little wrinkle – his pro partner may be a man. details here.
if you look at this facebook album

don’t discriminate against berries of any color. btw – my first time trying pinkberry – delish. chose a small original with blueberries.

also met one of my childhood heroes and favorite yankee players ever, the captain, number 23, don mattingly.
thanks to linda at the red cross…

read more about this here.

and it was soooooo awkward… i think she sounded dece though…

from last night’s so you think you can dance on fox.