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WHOA – holy new usher music!

brand new usher single f. young jeezy – it’s called “love in the club.” his cd drops in late april/early may.

this version is not mastered… but i’m world premiering it tonight at 9:30. holler.

click here to download.
thoughts? i like it.

where do i start with this video?

let’s summarize this…

perez hilton is a complete tool for not asking spencer and heidi about all the “fakeness” on the hills, all the “exclusive” news that he so proudly writes about on his blog.

spencer pratt’s comments on the reason for people commenting on heidi montag’s new video (a video so bad, i won’t even link to it) are laughable. clearly, spencer and perez are chillin’ in the same shed.

poor heidi montag. such a pretty girl – with such a douchebag bf.

tyra banks panties are on fire…

i’d say pants on fire, but she took them off yesterday.

banks, always looking to provide the most compelling content to her audience, invited the host of “moment of truth” on her show. the segment ended with banks taking a polygraph test.

is tyra jealous of oprah?

find out below.

ladies, your man won’t sex you up?

according to fox, here are five reasons why…

His partner lacks a sense of sexual adventure (68 percent) or doesn’t seem to enjoy sex (61 percent). Consequently, he has become bored with sex and the lack of newness. Funny enough, though, these men conveniently ignore the fact that they themselves are not bringing any originality into the bedroom. Instead, they are choosing to blame their partner for a lack of adventure and sexual enjoyment.

He’s interested in sex with others, but not his wife (48 percent). Men indicated that they were sexual beings, or would like to be. The majority masturbated, which is often an indicator that a person does not have a sexual disorder, per se. So what’s the problem? In many cases, familiarity breeds contentment, which makes for boredom.

He’s angry with her (44 percent). These men felt criticized, controlled, undervalued, and/or insignificant by their partners. As a result, they shut down as she became more and more of a “bully.” This cycle was ongoing: She’s critical. He shuts down emotionally. She gets even more critical. He becomes even more withdrawn. … Regardless, in this war of the roses, no one’s showing any kind of love.

His lover has put on a significant amount of weight (38 percent). Somehow, “There’s more of me to love” wasn’t the response he had in mind when he once gasped, “I can’t get enough of you!” Ironically, a man putting on weight was irrelevant to this turnoff. But if his lover put on weight, he no longer viewed her as attractive. His own obesity, however, did diminish his libido.

He prefers watching porn online (25 percent). Between the variety, no performance pressure, no emotion, no foreplay, no talking, and no criticism, he’d rather connect with the Internet. A major danger in this: His fantasy world is replacing his actual sex life.

HUGE idol spoiler!

if you want to know the top 24 – click here and scroll down, or watch the video below to see the 24 film a segment for idol…

now some retro public service announcements…

seriously, what was life like pre-youtube?

fat tuesday proves rather skinny…

why dance around it – northeast pa simply didn’t live up to my expectations on mardi gras.

i thought about it last night towards the conclusion of my show – many colleges, nice weather, no midterms/exams… this should shape up to be an intriguing night.

the show ended just shy of midnight. i jetted home, grabbed a bud light from the fridge, gathered up beads from a club gig in syracuse, and waited for marino to swing through. due to the proximity of our first destination from my apartment, he became the night’s driver by default.

and the beads were just for show – these things were two years old. our first and back-up plans consisted of bars, and i’m taken. so clearly, even if i did part with any plastic necklaces, i wouldn’t have made any girls “work” for them (typing that made me feel dirty).

marino though… well, why would i speak for him?

beer boys it was. best college bar for two years straight in the weekender. right by king’s. your classic beer-serving establishment.

my introduction to the dive wasn’t flattering. we were one and done from bb.

although, the staircase to the immediate left of the entrance and the trap door inside the small, enclosed bar were quite amusing.

i think a bunch of rowdy college drunks could turn the spot into a fun time – and i look forward to a possible return on a friday or saturday. but fat supa dupa tuesday night just wasn’t meant for beer boys.

next stop: friday’s. the back-up plan. the go-to-bar in the wilkes-burr. and it was dese. made it in time for half price apps – and after a couple order of boneless buffalo wings, extra crispy – paired with a game of beer pong on the video touchscreen – we deemed the night a “non-failure.”

but eventful? far from it. maybe i should’ve taken advantage of those fat tuesdays i spent on the su hill

watch msnbc live for fat super tuesday!

as an “msnbc on campus” alum, i feel obligated to watch this network – not to say that i don’t enjoy their election coverage. always forward thinking, you can now embed msnbc into blogs. how fun. click below.

jordin sparks – super bowl sham?

pay attention to…

- the beginning, she’s clearly looking for a cue to start lip-syncing…
- the high notes, when these parts first hit fox cuts away to players…
- 1:57 – i think she slips there. or she has a vocal talent beyond human comprehension.

watch msnbc live for fat super tuesday!

as an “msnbc on campus” alum, i feel obligated to watch this network – not to say that i don’t enjoy their election coverage. always forward thinking, you can now embed msnbc into blogs. how fun. click below.