it’ll cost you a ten-spot. (and the woman actually paid!)

why do clever women fall for second-rate women?

whether you’d hate to admit it or not, the above picture from satc is a perfect example. the possible explanation is here.

of course, cook. according to msnbc, producers still fear for archuletta’s overbearing father.

whose hair is straighter, and how are you putting your dog, (no matter how beloved hemmingway is) in to this photo?

can’t say that i’m surprised though. click here for more from people.

tmz reports the aerosmith front man checked in today to the same site where vh1’s celebrity rehab with dr. drew is taped. i suppose my fellow paisan (real last name: tallarico) was a little too j-j-jaded.

it’ll cost you a ten-spot. (and the woman actually paid!)

couldn’t have said it better…

i still can’t get over this picture…

click here to see many more taken at the show, both in front of and behind the stage.
not because he can sing and play guitar. not because of his known conquests with jennifer anniston and jessica simpson, or his other conquests not known. certaintly not because he kissed perez hilton.

but because of this.

click here to read john’s blog on the new blackberry bold. i’m going to crawl in to a corner and weep.

here’s our favorite “one life to live” alum with danity kane’s aubrey o’day.
rumor is that aubrey is a big fan of “the plastic surgery.”

maybe she’s was at jesse’s crib when he phoned me up a few weeks ago?