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NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 12, Episode 6

– I haven’t been impressed with the talent this season. Sorry, but even though he had a solid second song, I’m not sure Karl Skinner gets a golden ticket in another season. Then again, I wasn’t a fan of Phillip Phillips audition – and given the recent track record of white dudes with guitars – maybe he stands a good chance!

– Nate Tao – another inspiring story with both of his parents deaf yet pursuing a singing career. Sounded good too!

– Thought Randy’s comment that Nate looks like he should be doing taxes was a little wrong…

– I liked Halie Hilburn and could have done without all of the footage surrounding her puppet. This is why people have stopped taking these shows seriously.

– In this episode above all others, Nicki Minaj’s inexperience in music, especially compared to her co-judges, really shines through. Very interested to see how she handles the live portion of the show.

– Love Kayden Stephenson and his story, but how does a 16 year-old with such an ailment survive the rigorous “Hollywood Week”?

– Steven Tyler – I can’t… I just can’t. BTW, replace Nicki with him on this panel and I think you’d have a home run.

NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 12, Episode 5

– Vincent Powell kind of reminded me of last season’s Heejun Han – sometimes you can’t judge a book by its cover!

– I think if anything is obvious regarding the critiques that the four judges give, it’s that Nicki Minaj isn’t landing an A&R gig off her commentary. Maybe a spot on Fashion Police, but not at a major label.

– I didn’t mind Savannah Votion’s voice. I mind anyone that sings Adele or “At Last” – and I also minded her wardrobe, which just didn’t fit her well.

– Loving the new “Idol” nominate portion of this year’s auditions – great that the show continues to find ways to evolve.

– Ann Difani was good. Nicki trying to critique country artists though – hilarious.

– I mean – when “Papa Peachez” is getting a golden ticket to Hollywood over some of these other singers… maybe not a good sign for the show? The guy did have a good voice but I thought “Idol” was the best of the best? The show that created superstars?

– Adam Sanders is another “don’t judge a book by its cover” contestant. Keith Urban with another classic reaction – a lot of them from him have been funny this season.

– So wait, we’re supposed to really believe that Seacrest rolled up to the Long Beach auditions in a Ford? UHM.

– Mariah showing up late – and her wardrobe… just a weird season with the judges. Has this ever happened in any other season – where judges were missing at multiple times throughout auditions?

– Some of the stories this season… like Micah Johnson, who can’t speak clearly due to complications from tonsil removal yet can sing beautifully… unreal.

– Thought Briana Oakley exhibited solid range.

LIFE & STYLE’S JORDI LIPPE: Katy Out Without John, Britney Back With Ex… Kinda


Life & Style Weekly reports that Katy Perry was recently spotted out and about in LA with another man. Senior News Editor Jordi Lippe also chatted about Britney Spears’ reunion with Jason Trawick on “The Ralphie Show.”

EXCLUSIVE: Domino’s Pizza ‘Honored and Flattered’ By Harry Styles’ Gesture

Domino’s Pizza is gearing up for its biggest night of the year this Sunday with the Super Bowl. But that didn’t stop the restaurant from taking notice of a story told by Ed Sheeran Wednesday night during an interview on “The Ralphie Show” about an act of kindness displayed by One Direction’s Harry Styles.


“I saw (Harry) in LA about three months ago,” recalled Sheeran. “He had a day off and he went out… and spent like two or three grand on Domino’s Pizzas and drove around for the whole day just giving it to homeless people.”

Chris Brandon, a spokesperson for Domino’s, expressed the company’s gratitude for Harry’s actions on “The Ralphie Show” Thursday night.

“All we really want to say though is, thank you to Harry for involving us in such a cool thing that he did,” Brandon said via telephone. “My understanding is that Harry and One Direction have plenty of fans so I’m not sure if they need many more but they certainly gained a bunch more today from us here at Domino’s.”

Brandon noted the restaurant was not just impressed with Styles’ actions, but how he went about his work of charity.

“It sounds like Harry kind of didn’t do this for publicity or kind of do this so that everybody would find out,” Brandon noted. “We kind of found out the same way everybody else has.”

Brandon added that Domino’s was “honored and flattered” by Styles choosing the pizza chain for help in his gesture.

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Tonight I’m Getting Over You’

Here’s the next single from Jepsen’s debut American LP, Kiss. Clear this time, she’s not looking for a phone call.

EXCLUSIVE: Ed Sheeran Talks ‘Haylor’ Breakup; Reveals Story About Harry Styles

Ed Sheeran is very close with Harry Styles. He wrote One Direction’s second number one hit in the UK, “Little Things.” The singer is also close with Taylor Swift: Sheeran duets with the starlet on her latest album and will be performing North America’s biggest venues with her later in the year. Styles and Swift recently went through a public break-up after a brief but just-as-public romance. Where does that leave Sheeran?


“I’d rather not comment on that,” Sheeran replied during an interview in studio on “The Ralphie Show.” “You could probably guess, but yeah, I’d rather not comment on that.”

Sheeran did shift gears though and talk exclusively about the 1D singer, telling a story that the media had never reported about, until now.

“I saw (Harry) in LA about three months ago,” recalled Sheeran. “He had a day off and he went out… and spent like two or three grand on Domino’s Pizzas and drove around for the whole day just giving it to homeless people.”

“The A Team” singer said this wasn’t a first-time occurrence.

“People write about Harry all the time in a negative way with all his love life and stuff like that but like, he does stuff like that a lot,” he continued. “I think it’d be nice to get out there that he’s a pretty genuine dude.”

In an interview with Capital FM overseas, Sheeran noted that of all the One Direction fellas, he’s the closest with Styles. He elaborated on “The Ralphie Show.”

“The strangest thing about Harry is that he lived on my flat for a while but like, he had two houses,” Sheeran said. “He had two, very plush houses in London and he’d just come and stay.”

As for why he would crash with the singer/songwriter instead of shack up in one of his own pads, Sheeran believes it’s because Styles would rather hang with friends than in a huge house alone.

With both of their schedules, it’s surprising either of the artists is in the same place for an extended period of time. Sheeran is enjoying quite the ride with the success of “A Team,” – culminating with a Grammy nomination for “Song of the Year” and a performance at the awards show with Sir Elton John.

“I got a call from Elton being like, ‘I couldn’t get you a solo slot, but would you mind playing with me?’” he said. “You can’t really say anything other than, ‘Yes, please!’”

The combination of the hit record with his down-to-earth persona and his links to Swift and One Direction have propelled Sheeran to other big spots as well. During this particular trip to New York, the Englishman was gearing up to play a sold-out Radio City Music Hall and perform at NBC’s “Today.” His fans, which refer to Sheeran as “Ginger Jesus” and call themselves “Sheerios,” couldn’t be happier.

“(‘Ginger Jesus’) gives me reminiscence of The Beatles, and I’m just staying the hell away from that.”

VIDEO: Ed Sheeran – ‘Lego House’ (Acoustic)

Singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran performed the second single from +, “Lego House,” in the 95.5 PLJ studios.



In this week’s edition of “Trend Hungry Tuesday” – Resident Fashionista Jessie Holeva talks about a trend that Taylor Swift and Gwen Stefani love, polka dots.

Visit Trend Hungry to find the latest fashion 411 on a skinny budget, and catch Jessie every Tuesday evening on “The Ralphie Show.”

DAILY DOWNLOAD: Justin Bieber f. Drake – ‘Right Here’

Despite Bieber releasing Believe Acoustic today, IDJMG serviced another single from Believe to pop radio; the track features Justin’s fellow Canadian Drake.

LIFE & STYLE’S ANDREW NODELL: Shakira Gives Birth, Katy and John Get Serious, Beyonce Controversy


Life & Style Weekly reports that Shakira gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Senior Reporter Andrew Nodell also chatted about Katy Perry’s romance with John Mayer and Beyonce’s “Star Spangled Banner Gate.”