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INTERVIEW: Miss USA Plans to Count Thanksgiving as a ‘Cheat Day’

She’s been on a strict regimen – waking up at the crack of dawn for workouts and following a rigorous diet. But what is Miss USA to do on Thanksgiving, less than a month away from the Miss Universe pageant?

If you’re 20 year-old Cranston, RI native Olivia Culpo – you might end up counting it as a cheat day.

“You have to treat yourself,” Culpo told me in studio on “The Ralphie Show.” “I think on that one day, I’ll treat myself a little, but I have to stay focused. Otherwise, slippery slope!”

The crown-holder doesn’t buy in to the idea that her Miss Universe entourage would keep her in line – not when she comes from a big, New England-based Italian-American family.

“They like to stuff food down your throat,” Culpo joked. “My mom’s always like, ‘Eat your sandwich!’”

Before anyone partakes in the holiday delicacies, the Culpo family will be in New York to watch Olivia appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Miss USA then plans to head back up to Rhode Island for the remainder of the day, but soon enough she’ll find herself back in New York. After all, the Miss Universe pageant is in just a few weeks. The competition airs on NBC December 19 from Las Vegas at 8 pm. Fan voting is already live at this link.

“You’d be surprised; for ‘Universe’ there’s such less time to prepare because I have my duties as Miss USA, which are my dedications to philanthropy and other things like that,” Culpo revealed. “And then on top of that, I have to prepare myself for Miss Universe.”

Between the daily itinerary and preparations, it leaves the 20 year-old little personal time. Thankfully for Culpo, she lives in the city that never sleeps.

“I love it here. Nothing ever closes,” she noted. “That’s great for people who don’t sleep like me.”

All kidding aside, Culpo revealed that once her term is finished, she’ll look to continue her college education from Boston University at New York University.


In this week’s edition of “Trend Hungry Tuesday” – Resident Fashionista Jessie Holeva talked about a trend that was prevalent on the American Music Awards red carpet and throughout the holiday season, sparkle and shine, from clothing to accessories.

Visit Trend Hungry to find the latest fashion 411 on a skinny budget, and catch Jessie every Tuesday evening on “The Ralphie Show.”

NEW MUSIC: Rihanna f. Chris Brown – ‘Nobody’s Business’

Rihanna and Chris Brown want to make each other their own, and they claim that “it ain’t nobody’s business” on the duo’s latest collaboration from Ri’s new album, Unapologetic. The problem is the song itself makes it everyone’s business.

I believe every person has a right to privacy, so long as he or she exercises it. If you don’t want people to know or speculate about what happens in your world behind closed doors, then so be it. But, the doors are either open or shut – you can’t have both. It is unreasonable to sing, talk, tweet or communicate otherwise one second about your dirty laundry, and then the next conveniently label it off guards.

Many artists, including Rihanna and Chris Brown, violate this notion. These celebrities don’t want to talk about their personal lives, unless they’re making money off of it. RiRi or Brown will never answer a question about the other in an interview, yet the Barbados singer has no problem hawking her new album with this song because it benefits her bottom line.

The only bottom line is that singers set themselves up for a double-standard with this practice. It sends the wrong message to both the media and fans: My personal life is nobody’s business, unless it’s good for my business.

VIDEO: Scar-Jo, Jessica Biel Hit NYC For ‘Hitchcock’ Premiere

“Hitchcock” is essentially a movie about the making of a movie – the director Alfred’s most notable “Psycho.” But the November 2012 release focuses more on the relationship between Hitchcock and his wife, along with the lead actress of the film, Janet Leigh. Scarlett Johansson plays the actress, who it was rumored that Hitchcock flirted with, amongst perhaps other leading ladies he worked with.

This sounds like a storyline that the modern-day, 24/7 media would eat up to the very last tweet. But Johansson doesn’t believe that Leigh would have been covered much differently in 2012 than she was in 1960.

Credit: Video Courtesy of Shaina Moskowitz
“She had her own challenges,” Johansson told me on the red carpet of the “Hitchcock” movie premiere at New York’s Ziegfeld Theatre. “She had a very public divorce; she lived a very public life.”

Still, Johansson thinks the only thing we would have more of is “pictures of her with her kids going to the grocery store.”

Plenty of photos are taken of Johansson and other leading ladies in Hollywood – like her co-star Jessica Biel. The newly-married Mrs. Timberlake was recently photographed with husband Justin and producer Timbaland in The Rockaways, handing out supplies to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

“It was incredibly amazing and fulfilling,” Biel told me of the experience. “Everyone has to be a part of that community and give back, so it was incredible.”

INTERVIEW: Beatrice Miller Explains Top 10 Reaction on ‘X-Factor’

It apparently has not taken long for contestants on “The X-Factor” to pick up on the tendencies of the show’s new hosts – Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian-Odom.

“Here’s when I know people are about to call my name,” 13 year-old Beatrice Miller started to explain on “The Ralphie Show.” “(Mario or Khloe) look at you, like they glance at you, like, ‘The next person is…’ and then they quickly glance at you, then look away.”

While Lopez is more acclimated to the hosting scene with his other gig at “Extra!” – the job is a completely new venture for the Kardashian sister. Regardless, you would have to think that no contestant, no less a 13 year-old, would be able to find a “tell” in the presentation of a Ryan Seacrest.

The topic came about because Miller was explaining her reaction to placing eighth on the results show last week. Some criticized the Maplewood, NJ native for acting “immature,” and while the teenager apologized on Twitter, she also defended herself.

“I’m a 13 year-old girl,” Miller stated. “Some people have to remember that.”

EXCLUSIVE: ‘X-Factor’ Contestant Carly Rose Sonenclar Will Perform This Week with Strep Throat

In an interview on 95.5 PLJ’s “The Ralphie Show,” Carly Rose Sonenclar revealed that she will be performing this week on “The X-Factor,” despite coming down with strep throat.

“I hope not… I don’t know,” the 13 year-old responded when asked if she felt it might affect her performance. “It’s unfortunate but I can’t not do the show.”

The Westchester-native, who has consistently wowed all four judges, said her nerves are already up, as she has never had to perform in front of so many people while sick.

“I went to the doctor and I’m on antibiotics so I should be fine by then but I mean, I don’t know,” Sonenclar said. “I just hope I am.”

This week, contestants will choose songs based on giving thanks to someone that is important to them. The theme coincides with the results show, which airs Thanksgiving night on FOX.

DAILY DOWNLOAD: f. Britney Spears – ‘Scream and Shout’

For those keeping track at home, this is the fifth track from’s forthcoming (yes, more news on that in a second) album #willpower. Will and Britney also collaborated for “Big Fat Bass” off Britney’s Femme Fatale.

Apparently, the Black Eyed Peas lead emcee is releasing #willpower, just not in the U.S., yet. The album is slated for a December 7 drop date in Australia and will hit stores on December 10 in the UK. My guess: if this single takes off, you’ll see an American date as well.

Lion Paws Up: Lady GaGa to Play PSU March 2

Lady GaGa is heading back to school. The pop phenomenon brings the “Born This Way Ball” to Penn State University’s Bryce Jordan Center on March 2.

Bernie Punt, a representative for the Jordan Center, said the venue reached out to promoter Live Nation’s Philadelphia office about bringing GaGa to campus.

“We tossed around about four or five different A-listers,” Punt revealed. “GaGa opened up, and we jumped at it.”

The “Poker Face” singer will make 25 stops on the North American leg of her tour, and the Penn State date is her only show on a campus. Even Punt admitted that PSU does stick out a little on the itinerary; GaGa performs at State College, PA between shows in Philadelphia, New York, Washington D.C., and Brooklyn. But, that isn’t to say the BJC isn’t up to hosting a big name.

“Jay-Z rehearsed here before kicking off his North American tour here,” Punt noted, while also mentioning performers at the venue have included Bruce Springsteen and Carrie Underwood.

While Lady GaGa is known because of her music, she is becoming as known for her stances on political and social issues. Punt said that her camp has already reached out to the University.

“(GaGa’s people) want to be linked up with the LGBT organization on campus,” he said. “That will happen after fall break.”

The concert announcement was made to the student body last weekend during the Nittany Lions game against Indiana. Punt said “people went nuts,” and that he’s received great feedback on Facebook as well.

GaGa’s “BTW Ball” will take place during Penn State’s spring break. Punt estimates that about 75 percent of the crowd will be made up of people driving in from out of town. Tickets go on sale November 30 at 10 AM; no ticket prices have been announced.

LIFE & STYLE’S LAURA LANE: Jelena Reunites, Katy and Rihanna Grow Apart, New Miley Wedding Deets

Life & Style Weekly reports that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez reunited this week in Los Angeles. Senior Reporter Laura Lane also dished about Rihanna’s friendship with Katy Perry since Chris Brown returned to the scene and offered up new details on Miley Cyrus’ wedding.

OPINION: Guy Fieri is the Nickelback of Celebrity Chefs

TV personality and restaurant-owner Guy Fieri is making headlines this week courtesy of a scathing review his new Times Square restaurant received from Pete Wells of the New York Times. Fieri has become a polarizing figure in the world of celebrity chefs: his shtick enjoyed by the masses while his credentials questioned by his critics.

Guy Fieri truly is the Nickelback of celebrity chefs.

The Canadian rockers have sold more than 50 million albums worldwide. In an age when music experts say “rock is dead,” Nickelback has charted nine songs in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. The band is one of only a select few to have a “360 deal” with concert promoter Live Nation – the agreement is valued at an estimated $50-70 million.

Fieri’s career has skyrocketed since winning the second season of “The Next Food Network Star” in 2006. Shows like “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” and “Dinner: Impossible” have turned him in to a household name. The chef owns 11 restaurants, seven in California, and has even branched out in to other TV, hosting the now defunct “Minute to Win It” on NBC.

Yet, the harshest critics are quick to dismiss Nickelback as so produced and manufactured that its product doesn’t classify as “real rock.” Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney quipped to Rolling Stone, “Rock & roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world.”

Carney eventually issued a half-hearted apology… after all; he did criticize one of the biggest bands in the world.

And while Wells’ critique of Fieri, his use of adjectives, his “Donkey Sauce,” and his establishment was far beyond any condemnation you would expect from a single person, he is far from Fieri’s first detractor. Not only is Fieri known in some chef circles more for his TV antics then culinary skills, but other food critics have given similar feedback on the same restaurant, the two-month old, Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar. New York Post columnist Steve Cuozzo took to his column and said he “wouldn’t feed the mess to a cat.”

Both Fieri and Nickelback have managed to accumulate mass appeal despite their respective inner-circles deeming their work not just bad, but not worthy. I don’t wonder how it is possible, but I do think to myself: can people simply not tell the difference between good and bad, or do the “know-it-alls” know less than we think?