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Life & Style Weekly reports that Harry Styles wanted all footage of Taylor Swift removed from the upcoming One Direction 3D movie. Senior Reporter Laura Lane talked about that and the new pad that Jessica Simpson is moving in to on “The Ralphie Show.”

Domino’s Pizza is gearing up for its biggest night of the year this Sunday with the Super Bowl. But that didn’t stop the restaurant from taking notice of a story told by Ed Sheeran Wednesday night during an interview on “The Ralphie Show” about an act of kindness displayed by One Direction’s Harry Styles.


“I saw (Harry) in LA about three months ago,” recalled Sheeran. “He had a day off and he went out… and spent like two or three grand on Domino’s Pizzas and drove around for the whole day just giving it to homeless people.”

Chris Brandon, a spokesperson for Domino’s, expressed the company’s gratitude for Harry’s actions on “The Ralphie Show” Thursday night.

“All we really want to say though is, thank you to Harry for involving us in such a cool thing that he did,” Brandon said via telephone. “My understanding is that Harry and One Direction have plenty of fans so I’m not sure if they need many more but they certainly gained a bunch more today from us here at Domino’s.”

Brandon noted the restaurant was not just impressed with Styles’ actions, but how he went about his work of charity.

“It sounds like Harry kind of didn’t do this for publicity or kind of do this so that everybody would find out,” Brandon noted. “We kind of found out the same way everybody else has.”

Brandon added that Domino’s was “honored and flattered” by Styles choosing the pizza chain for help in his gesture.

Ed Sheeran is very close with Harry Styles. He wrote One Direction’s second number one hit in the UK, “Little Things.” The singer is also close with Taylor Swift: Sheeran duets with the starlet on her latest album and will be performing North America’s biggest venues with her later in the year. Styles and Swift recently went through a public break-up after a brief but just-as-public romance. Where does that leave Sheeran?


“I’d rather not comment on that,” Sheeran replied during an interview in studio on “The Ralphie Show.” “You could probably guess, but yeah, I’d rather not comment on that.”

Sheeran did shift gears though and talk exclusively about the 1D singer, telling a story that the media had never reported about, until now.

“I saw (Harry) in LA about three months ago,” recalled Sheeran. “He had a day off and he went out… and spent like two or three grand on Domino’s Pizzas and drove around for the whole day just giving it to homeless people.”

“The A Team” singer said this wasn’t a first-time occurrence.

“People write about Harry all the time in a negative way with all his love life and stuff like that but like, he does stuff like that a lot,” he continued. “I think it’d be nice to get out there that he’s a pretty genuine dude.”

In an interview with Capital FM overseas, Sheeran noted that of all the One Direction fellas, he’s the closest with Styles. He elaborated on “The Ralphie Show.”

“The strangest thing about Harry is that he lived on my flat for a while but like, he had two houses,” Sheeran said. “He had two, very plush houses in London and he’d just come and stay.”

As for why he would crash with the singer/songwriter instead of shack up in one of his own pads, Sheeran believes it’s because Styles would rather hang with friends than in a huge house alone.

With both of their schedules, it’s surprising either of the artists is in the same place for an extended period of time. Sheeran is enjoying quite the ride with the success of “A Team,” – culminating with a Grammy nomination for “Song of the Year” and a performance at the awards show with Sir Elton John.

“I got a call from Elton being like, ‘I couldn’t get you a solo slot, but would you mind playing with me?’” he said. “You can’t really say anything other than, ‘Yes, please!’”

The combination of the hit record with his down-to-earth persona and his links to Swift and One Direction have propelled Sheeran to other big spots as well. During this particular trip to New York, the Englishman was gearing up to play a sold-out Radio City Music Hall and perform at NBC’s “Today.” His fans, which refer to Sheeran as “Ginger Jesus” and call themselves “Sheerios,” couldn’t be happier.

“(‘Ginger Jesus’) gives me reminiscence of The Beatles, and I’m just staying the hell away from that.”


Life & Style Weekly reports that the newly-single Britney Spears maybe be prepping a major deal for a new residency in Las Vegas. Senior Reporter Laura Lane also talked about Taylor Swift returning to the studio following her split from Harry Styles.

Cue the rolling eyes and questions about the next break-up single: Taylor Swift has reportedly split from Harry Styles. The songstress and One Direction heartthrob were together about two months.

Play Entertainment Editor Aly Weisman broke the story and called in to “The Ralphie Show” to explain what happened when the couple went on a vacation after sharing a kiss in Times Square on New Years.


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Life & Style Weekly reports that Harry Styles sent Taylor Swift cake for her birthday! Senior Reporter Laura Lane also talked about the recent dates that Katy Perry and John Mayer went on in the tri-state area.


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It has now reached the point where One Direction’s popularity is greater in the U.S. than in England. If the sold out concerts, number one album, and mobs of fans following the boys’ every move doesn’t point to this – perhaps the media’s coverage of Harry Styles’ relationship with Taylor Swift does.


“It’s all good. We get it,” explained Liam Payne during a phone interview to “The Ralphie Show” regarding Harry’s sudden popularity in the press. “We know how it works.”

Styles’ new-found attention is the cause of a little joking amongst the boys though.

“Every so often,” Payne said. “He gets a little nudge and we try to rib at him for some things.”

It’s easy for the band to joke about such things after the past year. In March, One Direction released Up All Night in the States. It debuted at number one. Last month, the boy band’s follow-up LP, Take Me Home also topped the charts in its first week. 1D played sold out amphitheaters all summer and will return to play sold out arenas in 2013.

The result is an empire expected to grow to a $100 million business by the end of next year. Oh, and legions of fans who follow them everywhere.

“It’s difficult to move around, because there’s already loads of people,” explained Payne of the band’s attempts, sometimes failed, to travel in Manhattan. “I got out of the car the other day from driving to the hotel. I was followed by two bikes, a guy with a video camera, fans… we were just going to the shops to buy myself something for the show. It’s so crazy to think, you know, you’re in New York, the place you dreamed about coming to since you were a little kid, and not only are you in New York but you’re being followed by loads of people.”

The “loads of people” aren’t just for them exclusively. Even the band’s parents can cause a scene in public.

“I think they were down at some point. That was probably them causing a bit of a riot,” noted Payne of an incident Monday at “1D World” – a pop-up shop outside of Madison Square Garden. NYPD were on the scene after a mob formed when Payne’s parents decided to visit the store. The Payne’s were not with their son. “My dad’s more famous than me,” he joked.

Of course, there was already a lot of buzz outside of The World’s Most Famous Arena on Monday without Payne’s family there. One Direction would play a sold-out MSG that night, some what of a victory lap for the past year of success.

“The show couldn’t have gone anymore perfect,” said Payne. “I mean, we were well-nervous before we went out but… we couldn’t ask for more really.”

With two number one albums and two sold out tours in one year – what more could there be to ask for anyways?