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It definitely came as no surprise to long-time fans of One Direction and long-time listeners of my radio show that Niall Horan is a “massive” fan of President Barack Obama. Horan revealed his admiration for the First Family during a chat on my show back in 2012; the aforementioned quote attributed to the singer became a popular Tumblr meme (only second to the GIF-able moment when Louis Tomlinson decided to crash our interview).

“I’m a big fan of their dad,” Horan told me as we talked about Malia and Sasha Obama, the President’s daughters, who at the time had recently just hung out with One Direction at a concert in Fairfax, Virginia. “They were sitting on the side of the stage, so I was waving at them.

“They’re just regular kids,” he continued. “They got to have a childhood and then they became ‘the President’s daughters.’”

Fans of Horan retweeted a clip of the interview that I had posted after the Irishman posted a message to Twitter about the Obama’s on Wednesday.

“Don’t get me started but I’m going to miss the obamas (sic),” he said online. “The nicest family on earth.”

Horan and his bandmates connected with Malia and Sasha at the Kids Choice Awards that year. The First Family said that if One Direction couldn’t make it to the White House, then the kids could go to one of their shows. So with Secret Service in tow, the daughters traveled out to the Patriot Center where they hung out with the guys backstage.

“We just had a conversation about everything,” Horan said. “It went from food to roller coasters to life to them having loads of security all the time.”

Which at least on some level, One Direction could relate to, although even Horan was taken aback by the Secret Service detail – which at the time struck me as one of the more surprising moments of our interview.

One Direction’s Niall Horan talked with me on the red carpet of the American Music Awards to talk about the band’s new album Midnight Memories and their night ahead at the AMAs. The quintet performed “Story Of My Life” and took home an AMA. Horan also spoke about the group’s nomination for Best Album Pop or Rock with Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift.

After a recent trip near our nation’s capital, the fellas from the UK boy-band One Direction found out just how big of a deal they are.


“When we met (Malia and Sasha Obama) at the ‘Kids Choice Awards,’ they said that if we can’t come to the White House, they would come to us,” singer Niall Horan revealed on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “So they came down to the show.”

Before President Obama’s daughters took-in the concert from One Direction, the girls had a chance to hang out backstage with the guys at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. Horan is “a massive” fan of the President.

“We just had a conversation about everything,” he said. “It went from food to rollercoasters to life to them having loads of security all the time.”

If there is one facet that the heart-throbs can relate to Malia and Sasha in, it’s the latter topic. Then again, after a recent tour stop in New York, perhaps Niall and his friends could use something similar to the Secret Service.

“Me and Liam [Payne] got mobbed,” Horan recalled. “When we’re on our days off, we just like to chill.”

Niall and Liam, accompanied by a security guard, thought it’d be a good idea to chill by walking the streets of midtown Manhattan. Unfortunately for the guys, the hoards of screaming tweens outside the band’s hotel also thought it was a good idea. Still, the trip wasn’t completely lost.

“My aunt lives in New York, so we had a barbeque,” said Horan. “We meant to go watch ‘The Dictator,’ in the cinema but we fell asleep.”

One Direction will get to see its own film Thursday – the quintet will watch the “Up All Night DVD” and offer live commentary for their fans on Twitter. The band is currently in the midst of a sold-out tour in the States. As if you need more evidence of how popular these guys are, One Direction has already announced dates for a summer 2013 tour in America.

On Friday when I chatted with One Direction’s Niall Horan, he told me the boy band had no plans to do a television series.

“We obviously did an episode of ‘iCarly’ for Nickelodeon,” he noted – the group’s cameo will air April 7. “That’s the only thing we’re doing at the moment. We’re not very good at acting, so I don’t think we’ll ever do acting.”


Horan did leave the door open, albeit slightly.

“The nearest thing we’d get to is a documentary,” he said, before reiterating, “There are no plans for a TV show at the moment.”

His comments came just two days after a Nickelodeon press release struck a different tone. The network announced that among its 2012 slate includes a development project for the UK pop band. The mention of One Direction came in the live action portion of the release – meaning whatever Nick has in store for 1D will not be animated.

Perhaps Horan misspoke, or spoke prematurely. Maybe he’s still learning the old American art of how musicians can answer a question without really answering it. Regardless, you could certainly understand why there might be just bit of confusion. The 18 year-old and his band mates are in the midst of an American whirlwind. The group’s U.S. television debut was last Monday, in front of 10,000 screaming fans at New York’s Rockefeller Center and millions more at home watching NBC’s “The Today Show.” One Direction’s album, Up All Night, debuted at number one on the Billboard charts. The band beat out the likes of Adele and Bruce Springsteen, and became the first UK group to debut in the States atop the charts. The feat certainly isn’t lost on Horan.

“I’ve been listening to Bruce Springsteen for as long as I can remember,” Horan said. “To think he’s in the same chart as me is just incredible.”

But while the success has been both plentiful and swift, there is a small down side for Horan. It seemed St. Patrick’s Day was just another reminder for Irishman that there is no place like home.

“It’s funny, you grow up and spend your whole life wanting to get away and leave home,” he explained. “And then when you finally get away, you realize how much you miss home, and you can’t wait to get back.”

The band plans on heading back home soon – but don’t worry Directioners – Horan revealed that the group will return to the States this summer. A formal announcement is expected this week.