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Philadelphia Police deny the existance of an altercation, but band and crew members tell a drastically different story via Twitter. MP3 includes EXCLUSIVE AUDIO from Philadelphia Police Department

Band and crew members of We The Kings and Forever The Sickest Kids were involved in an alleged altercation with the Philadelphia Police Department on Sunday night, following the Bamboozle Road Show at The Theater of the Living Arts. According to Twitter updates from both band’s camps, three people were taken in to custody, some beaten with nightsticks by police who were “abusing their power.” However, a spokesperson for the PPD denied any incident.

What is agreed on by all parties involved is that police were called to the venue after the conclusion of the show to prevent any disorderly conduct from concert-goers. Furthermore, Philly enforces a curfew for people under the age of 18, so authorities arrived at the venue to ensure that teens complied with the law.

The similarities in the stories end there. According to an officer in the PPD’s Public Affairs Office, the involvement of the patrollers ended there. However, Twitter updates by We The Kings front man Travis Clark and Forever The Sickest Kids guitarist Caleb Turman, along with a disturbing online video, paint a drastically different picture.

“Philadelphia cops just beat us up for nothing!” typed Clark on his Twitter account at approximately 8:13 PM. He updated ten minutes later, “
Chris V is bleeding from his head, every cop is completely abusing their power!! This is so messed up!”

“Chris V” handles merchandise for WTK. In a video posted to MySpace by production company Artist Approach, Chris is shown face down on the ground, surrounded by police officers. The video ends with a still photograph of the “merch guy” looking up, his upper face covered in blood.

Forever The Sickest Kids’ Turman also “tweeted” during and immediately after the alleged incident, attempting to update fans and build a case against the officers.

“Everyone tweet about the #phillycops and how they wrongfully assaulted us!” wrote the guitarist. “Philly cops just assaulted ftsk and we the kings!”

According to the aforementioned MySpace video, Turman and WTK Road Manager Trevor Fair were the original reasons why police entered the venue. Text in the video states that after cops arrived to clear the crowd, an officer wrote a parking ticket for a trailer belonging to the band Mercy Mercedes. Turman went outside to see what the commotion was about, and a cop immediately withdrew his baton and ordered him back in the building. Fair then followed, only to be forced back inside as well. After Fair repeatedly and unsuccessfully attempted to open the door, officers entered the venue to arrest him for disorderly conduct. As police dragged Fair out of the venue, “Chris V” can be heard yelling, “Are you kidding me?! F*** you bro, f*** you. What’s your f***ing badge number?” to an officer. Police then attacked the merch handler to subdue him.

WTK lead man Clark updated his Twitter on Monday, assuring fans that all parties involved were okay and out of jail, and that there’d be no interruptions in commitments. Some of the bands on tour attended Monday night’s
Phillies game to relax.

None of the three bands involved have released any formal statement – and Philadelphia Police continue to deny such an incident even occurred.

View the debauchery here.

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This guy is the QB for the Eagles – a Syracuse University alum (and Board of Trustees member) – and he doesn’t know a NFL regular season football game can end in a tie?

BTW, in a playoff or Super Bowl game, the teams play as many OTs as it takes to decide a winner. C’mon man…

live from the food court inside the philly airport.


let the superficial-ness and eating disorders commence here…
open audition:
July 18, 2008
Clementon Park & Splash World
144 Berlin Rd
Clementon, NJ 08021

marino, justin bryant, and i all share our thoughts in a not-so-serious way about tuesday’s stop of “the young wild things tour” in philly.

marino, justin bryant, and i all share our thoughts in a not-so-serious way about tuesday’s stop of “the young wild things tour” in philly.

one of the cooler portions of fall out boy’s set… pete wentz gabs into one of my favorite tracks on infinity on high – “the takeover, the break’s over” – and travis from gym class heroes emerges with his two cents slash sixteen bars.

hotness. that should be an in-studio remix so i can play it on the radio…

imagine our surprise when the boys from chi-town paid homage to their labelmates from vegas with a rendition of “mr. brightside”…