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I appeared on HLN’s “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell” Friday evening to discuss the allegations surrounding Syracuse basketball Associate Head Coach Bernie Fine.

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NBC iVillage Entertainment Editor Jacki Garfinkel and I actually lived in the same dorm at Syracuse University, so I figured she wouldn’t mind if I asked her about covering red carpet events – as I’ll be covering my first this Sunday with the MTV Video Music Awards.

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Turns out new artists Mike Posner and Iyaz have a couple things in common. Both attended four-year schools here in the States. And both used Dell laptops to record vocals and launch their respective careers.

“But it sounds crispy, doesn’t it?” Posner asked on Tuesday, referring to the track “Cooler Than Me.’ Oh yeah, both artists have also joined “The Ralphie Radio Show” as a guest. And yes, “crispy, “clean”, “clear”, you could insert a number of adjectives to describe how good it sounds all considering. Posner wrote and recorded the track in his Duke University dorm room, inspired by the women he encountered at the school.

“I can’t tell you like after the song came out like how many girls from my past came out of the woodwork and were like ‘I know this song is about me,’” recalled the emcee. “It’s like, ‘Ugh, you’re so vain. It’s not about you. But, now that you’re saying that, it kinda is.’”

Despite his disdain for some of the women on campus, Posner credits the Blue Devil student body’s support in launching his career to its current point. And although he wouldn’t divulge on the existence of any form of hazing, the artist even admits that his fraternity, Sigma Nu, also played a big role.

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Mike Posner is poised to explode on to the scene with his mixtape anthem, “Cooler Than Me” – an ode to the types of women he typically encountered on the campus of Duke University. The Duke graduate also spoke on the school’s basketball championship and his forthcoming appearance on this year’s Vans Warped Tour.

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“I told my brothers to help me spread (my music),” he said. “Within’ a matter of months, the people in my fraternity had helped me create a nationwide fan base and now, I’m living my dreams because of them.”

Matter of fact, Posner is so busy that he can’t even find the time to collaborate with the likes of Flo-Rida and T.I. for the rappers’ respective forthcoming albums. The Michigan-born artist is currently working on his debut LP. He wouldn’t release the title to “The RRS” but did reveal that he’s looking at a September release and that there would be no features with other artists.

“All Posner, all hits!” he joked. “I don’t need to trick people in to liking my stuff.”

Certainly a unique perspective, but then again – how many emcees do you know entering the game with a degree from Duke?

02.24.09 : Asher Roth – I Love College
Roth Calls The Ralphie Radio Show!
PA/NY Winters, Inspiration For The Song

Forthcoming LP, Asleep In The Bread Aisle

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T.I. discusses “Entourage” – “Paper Trail” – plans for Christmas and 2009 on 97 BHT – A Ralphie Radio Show Exclusive.

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Yes, the Facebook album is here.

This guy is the QB for the Eagles – a Syracuse University alum (and Board of Trustees member) – and he doesn’t know a NFL regular season football game can end in a tie?

BTW, in a playoff or Super Bowl game, the teams play as many OTs as it takes to decide a winner. C’mon man…

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97 BHT’s Ralphie Aversa chats with Boys Like Girls inside The Woodlands about “Thunder”, hair-straightening, partying, and touring! The event was powered by All About Singles & Columbia Records!

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Travis McCoy opens up to 97 BHT’s Ralphie about – everything! Hear Travie talk about everything from his girlfriend (Katy Perry), to tattoos, the new LP, and kicking his substance abuse problem.

oh the irony – after two drama-less weekends with dramatic finishes, i pour in the action this weekend, only to look into the work week with possibly a full night’s sleep, and no tasks to complete on monday.

at least nothing related to my job. i do have that hair appt. at 1.

a couple sundays ago, i hailed cabs and hopped on trains headed uptown, downtown – met friends, drank beverages, and enjoyed an unexpected galavant throughout most of new york city. i spent the night/early morning writing the ralphie report from the second floor of mcdonald’s in times square and sending it out from the starbucks inside penn station – a walk from times square to madison square garden sandwiched in between the events.

last week i drove from lake geo… err… bolton landing, ny to wilkes-barre, with a pitstop turned day long jaunt in syracuse. visited family, former coworkers, and friends on the su hill. i also devoured my first chocolate milkshake of the season, ordered and later enjoyed some real chicken wings from my favorite college bar, and drowned myself in caffeine.

and today? attended church, cooked homemade sauce/pasta, cleaned my apartment, and watched my yankees lose in boston.

if only the weekend mirrored the previous two. and it almost did – until last night just after 1a.

kev the rev and i held down the woods on friday. the next night, i found myself inside colosseum night club. the fact that in a weekend i am paid to host parties in both of the aforementioned venues still reminds me to be thankful for my occupation.

anywho – saturday night could not have gone better – until. it’s 1a, and i head to the bar to grab drinks for friends. on my way back, i fell victim to a lack of traction on my chuck taylor’s and a slippery dance floor. i took a spill in the middle of denny tsettos‘s set, saving the drinks in the process.

this is where my night hits the apex and begins to end.

as i regain posture, i feel a tug to my right. suddenly – a flash and an unfamiliar burst of pressure flushes my face.

a girl i accidently ran in to decided that i deserved a knuckle sandwich for my innocent tumble. she landed a roundhouse square on my cheek bone.

thankfully, rob dale of colosseum night club witnessed the entire course of events. before i could even think of responding, the overzealous dancer found her night finished, on outside looking in from adams. big big thank you to the security staff at colosseum – true professionals – and i’d expect nothing less from that place. have you been? not only does everyone RAVE about it – but i have yet to hear a complaint.

i think nothing of it, a mix of a beer and adrenline preventing any feeling from entering my body. let’s not forget, i still had drinks to distribute.

after handing out the last beer, tony from the street team informs me that all is not over. apparently, i’m gushing blood from my cheek.

a half roll of paper towels and 20 minutes later, the blood ceases and i move about my way, to my car, and back to wilkes barre.

after all, i had a busy sunday to prepare for.