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Another dance-infused track from the Colorado-duo, who will spend its summer on this year’s “Vans Warped Tour.”

For the first time ever on “The Ralphie Radio Show,” a band performs a song acoustically on it’s tour bus – for both “The RRS” blog and the radio show. This is Simple Plan, on Vans Warped Tour, playing “Jet Lag” from Get Your Heart On!. The album version features Natasha Bedingfield.

An alleged violation of Katy Perry’s transportation rider led to an argument with a local driver for the superstar in Philadelphia on Friday. Although two separate sources confirmed that there was an incident, only one specified that the driver was replaced. This leaves to speculation how serious Perry’s management is about some of the requirements of the singer’s driver.

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If nothing else, don’t equate the “I Kissed a Girl” singer to Van Halen – because when the princess of pop writes something in her rider, she means it!

Of course, it was the aforementioned band who gained “rock star notoriety” for requiring in its performance rider that all of the brown candies be removed from any bowl of M&M’s backstage. Turned out Van Halen wasn’t discriminating against brown M&M’s, but rather making sure that the promoter was actually reading the performance rider. An artist’s rider also includes specifications regarding equipment, safety, travel, and other amenities and accommodations. The band reasoned that if the promoter didn’t pay attention to the food section – could there also be other parts of the document unattended to?

Katy Perry’s 45 page concert rider, leaked to The Smoking Gun before her “California Dreams Tour” commenced, reads typical for a star of her caliber. She’s adamant on flower arrangements in her dressing room not containing carnations (allergies?), requires a “1 bedroom presidential suite” in a “5 star property,” and would like water dispensers, not bottles, backstage – a nod to her eco-friendliness.

The singer also outlines a “Principle Driver Policy.” The page contains 23 bullet points for whoever will be taking the wheel of Perry’s automobile. It is this section of the rider that mandates the driver “not start a conversation with the client” and “not stair at the backseat thru the rearview mirror.”

The two sources allege it was the latter requirement that Perry’s driver in Philly did not follow. In the wake of the alleged incident, all drivers on Saturday night at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT were reminded of the policy.

At face value – the excessiveness of the driver demands seem diva-ish. But after reading each one, the bullet points seem to reflect more of a concern for Perry’s safety than anything else (would you want your driver staring at you or looking at the road?), and perhaps were inspired by previous incidents the singer and her camp faced.

Another backstage move by Perry which could be perceived as uppity but not listed in the rider is her refusal to speak with any local staff prior to a show. She acknowledges the staff backstage, usually with a smile, and does speak with fans. This is probably enforced to keep staff from talking instead of working and more importantly, to preserve Perry’s voice. In line with that train of thought – meet and greets with the artist happen almost immediately after shows.

If you’re wondering, Perry does in fact need her voice. She spends about two hours every night on tour belting out hits from her two albums for her fans – no lip syncing. Katy also mixes in quirky anecdotes about the songs and acoustic covers of other tracks including a funny rendition of Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” When the singer isn’t using her voice, she’s literally sprinting from one end of the stage to another to take part in one of the many costume changes throughout the show.

So yes, Perry does need her voice and her energy. I suppose it’s not too much that she asks to be driven to the venue in a safe manner as well.

Besides, it’s not as if she won’t eat brown M&M’s or anything.

Listen to Ralphie’s interview with Katy from the 2008 Vans Warped Tour below:


The leaves aren’t the only thing changing this time of year for the band Hey Monday. The group wrapped a summer-long trek on Warped Tour, and then amicably parted ways with bassist Jersey Moriarty. The band’s latest effort, Beneath It All, made it to iTunes, but in a shortened EP form as opposed to a previously planned LP.

Still, the Florida-based pop rock band pushes forward, with the single “I Don’t Wanna Dance” and a tour that kicks off next month with fellow pop-rockers Cartel.

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Oh, and a new, albeit temporary, bassist in Mike Gentile’s brother, Chris. Lead singer Cassadee Pope tells “The Ralphie Radio Show” that the search for a permanent replacement will kick in to full force after the tour.

“We’re going to probably keep looking around, it’s not a priority right now,” Pope said. “But, we’re going to keep our eyes open. We’ll probably hold auditions at some point but we’re probably going to keep it within’ the people that we know in the industry so it doesn’t get too out of hand.”

Don’t look for a Craigslist posting in the near future either – Pope joked that “nothing good” could come from a search on the online classifieds website.

Hey Monday begins its fall, headlining tour on October 20.

Turns out new artists Mike Posner and Iyaz have a couple things in common. Both attended four-year schools here in the States. And both used Dell laptops to record vocals and launch their respective careers.

“But it sounds crispy, doesn’t it?” Posner asked on Tuesday, referring to the track “Cooler Than Me.’ Oh yeah, both artists have also joined “The Ralphie Radio Show” as a guest. And yes, “crispy, “clean”, “clear”, you could insert a number of adjectives to describe how good it sounds all considering. Posner wrote and recorded the track in his Duke University dorm room, inspired by the women he encountered at the school.

“I can’t tell you like after the song came out like how many girls from my past came out of the woodwork and were like ‘I know this song is about me,’” recalled the emcee. “It’s like, ‘Ugh, you’re so vain. It’s not about you. But, now that you’re saying that, it kinda is.’”

Despite his disdain for some of the women on campus, Posner credits the Blue Devil student body’s support in launching his career to its current point. And although he wouldn’t divulge on the existence of any form of hazing, the artist even admits that his fraternity, Sigma Nu, also played a big role.

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Mike Posner is poised to explode on to the scene with his mixtape anthem, “Cooler Than Me” – an ode to the types of women he typically encountered on the campus of Duke University. The Duke graduate also spoke on the school’s basketball championship and his forthcoming appearance on this year’s Vans Warped Tour.

Download Posner’s mixtapes for free at

“I told my brothers to help me spread (my music),” he said. “Within’ a matter of months, the people in my fraternity had helped me create a nationwide fan base and now, I’m living my dreams because of them.”

Matter of fact, Posner is so busy that he can’t even find the time to collaborate with the likes of Flo-Rida and T.I. for the rappers’ respective forthcoming albums. The Michigan-born artist is currently working on his debut LP. He wouldn’t release the title to “The RRS” but did reveal that he’s looking at a September release and that there would be no features with other artists.

“All Posner, all hits!” he joked. “I don’t need to trick people in to liking my stuff.”

Certainly a unique perspective, but then again – how many emcees do you know entering the game with a degree from Duke?

Is Mayday Parade lead singer Derek Sanders surprised that YouTube removed the band’s music video for “Kids In Love”? He can’t believe it even made it on to the site in the first place.

“I’ve never heard of a video on YouTube that had any kind of nudity, and there’s definitely a whole lot of nudity throughout the video,” said Sanders in an interview that aired Monday on “The Ralphie Radio Show.” “I was surprised it was up as long as it was.”

YouTube removed the video after too many users flagged it as inappropriate. To the view the piece, the site required you were logged in and over the age of 18. Still, a parental advisory ran before the beginning. Dailymotion still hosts the video, and fans of Mayday have been uploading it to other video sharing sites as well, such as Vimeo.

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Anywhere But Here is in stores now.

The video is a departure from your typical “boy-meets-girl” treatment. Instead, the clip documents teenagers falling in and out of love. From road trips to every type of sex you can imagine, it can all be seen, uncensored and unfiltered, throughout the video. Its honesty has sparked some conversation centered on the band, but Sanders doesn’t seem to mind, deeming the controversy “cool.”

“It’ll be like a video that no one else has seen before, and we kind of like that aspect of it,” Sanders said of the band’s thinking before choosing to shoot the clip. “We were like, ‘Let’s go for something different, and this just seems like very cool and very real.”

Sanders and Mayday Parade will be performing the track all summer long, as the band heads out again on Vans Warped Tour, Mayday’s fourth trek on the festival.

MTV cameos, opening for Lady GaGa, making the rounds on last year’s Vans Warped Tour… you really can’t blame The White Tie Affair for wanting to take a little refuge from the regimen of pop music. The band relented to Chicago for family time and Los Angeles for writing time. Now it seems, it’s once again go time for Chris Wallace and his crew. TWTA premiered a new single on its MySpace page Tuesday, “You Look Better When I’m Drunk.” Before Wallace heads back on the road with his fellow Chicagoans for radio promo, he called in to “The Ralphie Radio Show.”

“I wish I could actually hear you play (the new single) on the radio,” remarked Wallace. The song spun later in the evening on the “Daily Download” segment, and yes, I did remind the lead singer that “The RRS” streams online. “That would be my – ding, ding – first time hearing it.”

Coincidentally, “The Ralphie Radio Show” played “Candle (Sick and Tired)” before any other show on-air as well. So if it’s possible to be someone’s first, twice… well, looks like we’ve accomplished that.

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Check out the new single on TWTA’s MySpace page!

All kidding aside, it’s refreshing that despite all of the success, the novelty hearing his own band’s tune on the radio hasn’t worn on Wallace. The latest track is very mainstream friendly, heavy on production in vocal effects laced with synthesizers and a thumping beat.

“I thought of the idea years ago,” said the front man. “It’s like, everything’s a little bit better when you’re drinking and when you’re partying and stuff like that.”

Wallace noted the track’s theme is quite relatable.

“You get a phone number at a bar, or club or something, just out, and you go home and look ‘em up on Facebook or something like that, and you’re like, ‘Ooh! Alright…’” he joked. “Seemed like a lot better idea when I was drinking.”

Hopefully for Wallace, the idea to create a song from such experiences will translate well with audiences – sober or not.

Sure, The White Tie Affair is busy this summer with the group’s first Vans Warped Tour. But that doesn’t mean Chris Wallace and the fellas from Chicago aren’t making time to record and produce new material with some heavy hitters.

Wallace revealed exclusively to me at Warped Tour that the band will be releasing a new single to radio that they worked on with Dr. Luke. The producer is known for such hits as Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”, Flo Rida’s “Right Round”, and Britney Spears’ “Circus”.

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“It’s called ‘Ice Cold’,” the front man said, a bit taken aback that I asked him about the recent Los Angeles recording session (guitarist Sean P “tweeted” about, even sending out a picture of Chris in studio). “It’s about girls who are way too hot, and they know it.”

A music video is also planned for the track. Before TWTA took the stage at the Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain, the guys filmed two segments with FUSE, to promote both the band’s Warped Tour jaunt and the new video.

The track should hit radio by late summer/early fall, coinciding with a tour by the pop-rock group that is still in its developing stages.

It was not a smooth ride, literally, to the top of the charts – but the crunk rock group 3OH!3 found a way to arrive.

The Boulder, Colorado-duo of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte stopped at Toyota Pavilion at Montage Mountain for the second consecutive year. But what a difference 365 days makes. Last summer, the band played in almost complete obscurity on Vans Warped Tour – behind a lineup that included the Gym Class Heroes and Katy Perry. This time around, 3OH!3 headlines the summer jaunt, all while owning the most spun song on radio stations across the country in “Don’t Trust Me.” Now the band finds itself in a similar position as its friend Perry found herself in last year: touring the country while fulfilling media obligations across the globe.

“We just flew to London and back two days ago,” said Foreman. “On our passport, the date of entry into the U.K. is the same back into New York.”

“It was a whirlwind trip,” added Motte, who while on the plane took a picture of a glass of champagne he drank – Nat eventually sent a link to the picture out as a Twitter update.

“It’s some new stuff, I don’t even really know about it,” he commented about the bar, on the plane, which he and Sean drank at.

Coincidentally enough, 3OH!3 found themselves across the pond with Perry. Nat and Sean became good friends with the “I Kissed A Girl” singer last summer during Warped Tour. The duo supported Perry on her solo tour. Now Katy, who owns three top 10 hits in the States, will cameo on a remix of 3OH!3’s next single from their CD Want, “Starstrukk.”

“(We) made it bigger, opened up a spot for her on the song,” Nat revealed of the track. “It should be going to (radio) pretty soon here.”

With radio stations already familiar with both acts, the song will surely catch the attention of DJs and listeners alike instantly. The timing is perfect for the group as well: 3OH!3 continues radio promo while finishing up Warped Tour. But again, the path traveled can be bumpy. That proved no more true last Wednesday, when 3OH!3 found itself in a bit of a dilemma: the band’s tour bus broke down.

“We got this new one that has six bunks, and there’s nine of us, so…” Nat explained. “I ended up cuddling with our bass player last night. Waking up with some stubble against your (face) is a little weird, but it’s not altogether unpleasant.”

Considering where this band came from – the idea of band mates and a backup tour bus must be a welcome notion. Before, Nat and Sean would play themselves, now the emcees are backed by a slew of musicians.

Yet despite success, one thing hasn’t changed: the Warped Tour after parties. Nat, who also DJs, still spins at every party he is available for. After the Montage Mountain show, Warped Tour band and crew members joined in for a BBQ and Michael Jackson-themed party, with white gloves and moonwalks encouraged. While techs tore down the set up and musicians mingled with groupies, there stood Nat, quietly in the corner, seamlessly spinning the soundtrack to the late evening. You would’ve never assumed that the 6-foot-plus DJ, flanked by not even a security guard, comprised one half of the duo behind one of America’s most popular songs.

Looks like 3OH!3 had quite a time at Warped Tour in Scranton yesterday. Nat posted a picture on his twitter of Sean’s leg that needed seven stitches after the show. The pic is kinda graphic so instead of me embedding it in my blog I’ll just give you the link. Brace yourself.