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“Extra” New York City Host AJ Calloway called in after chatting with Becca and Garrett following “The Bachelorette” finale. The newly-engaged couple flew overnight from Los Angeles to the city for a whirlwind day of press that included, “Good Morning America,” Live!” and of course an interview with Calloway for “Extra.”

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It is always great catching up with “Extra” New York City host AJ Calloway, who is holding down the city and traveling the globe to interview the biggest names in entertainment for the TV show. Calloway called in Thursday and chatted about a few of his more recent stories, including singer Fergie, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tom Cruise – an actor who Calloway has gotten to know quite well over the years.

Catch “Extra” weeknights at 7 pm on NBC New York, channel 4.