not going to waste time with an introduction, because that can be accomplished by reading the bio to the right. but in case you haven’t figured it out, or have stumbled across this blog accidently, my name is ralphie, and i currently host a weeknight show on 97bht in scranton/wilkes-barre.

the blog will be a running account of my adaptation to life in the area i will commonly refer to as “the nepa.” i’ll also fill these spaces with the “best of” current celeb gossip, photos, and youtube videos. btw – my youtube channel can be accessed by clicking here.

hmm… what else… i own a digital camera, so expect funny pictures and photographic accounts of concerts, road trips, and other events of interest. i know perez hilton. he’s used stuff from me a couple times on his site. hasn’t given me credit, but you’ll see screen shots of the e-mails to legitimize my claims. for that matter, i meet a lot of celebs, so expect stories and photos.

btw – my first time ever in “the nepa” was my sophomore year of college. i traveled here to party with the black eyed peas. the peas were playing a show in e. stroudsberg. ask me about it sometime – i learned how to party like a rockstar, shop boyz style.

another btw – i cannot share my myspace or facebook URLs. but i’ll give you a hint – i use ralphie aversa in each.

and yes, that’s my birth-name. well ralph aversa to be exact. i’m half italian, quarter greek, quarter armenian. any armenians in nepa? holler at me.

perez posted this. amy winehouse – simpsonized. seriously, who hasn’t been simpsonized since this damn movie was released?

am i crazy for wanting one of these?

they’re available at i’ll take the black one to the bottom left, hold the sloppy burger.

and final btw – big hot tickets returns with your chance to snag a pair of tix to see beyonce and robin thicke friday in philly. qualifying funness begins tonight.


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