some random notes for the weekend…

– last night’s “bobbing for iPods” contest at the woodlands was hilarious. you will do anything for a free ipizzle huh? like women, full makeup and club attire, getting drenched to grab an apple with their mouth. when i say drenched – i mean head looks like they just took a dip in the pool/grabbed a shower.

atleast fresh towels are provided.

– tonight will be dope their as well. once again YA BOY marino will be hosting the festivities with club bht live to air. i will be gracing the complex with my appearance around midnight. in tow will be one of my college roommates, eric. or as we refer to him, “e” (clearly in homage of eric murphy).

– purchased a couple magazines last night that would seriously put my heterosexuality into question. us weekly… no biggie. people… thats not too bad.


jessica alba graces this month’s cover. but what caught my eye (besides her) was the headline “my boyfriend didn’t change his boxers for 3 months!”

damn. expect me to talk about this on-air next week.

back to my iced mocha and the big bad radio show. more posts to come before club bhtizzle, hang on now.

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