the bigger the better.

gotta love when karma strikes twice, in a good way, at a place you already enjoy visiting.

that is what has happened to me in two of my past four visits to starbucks here in wilkes-barre. if you didn’t already know, i’m a big fan of the bucks. like daily visitor big fan. like to the point where the workers will eventually know my name fan.

last week, i hit up the drive-thru (and btw, i have never loved a single drive-thru more in my entire lifespan), and i am forced to wait an extremely inordinate amount of time for my current beverage of choice.

current beverage of choice: grande iced coffee, non-fat, two splendas, sugar-free vanilla.

the gentleman at the window charges my card – and comes back a good six minutes later with my drink.

and voile! my drink has been pimped. i am now rockin’ the venti at grande price. holler.

today the drive-thru line was long, and i had a little time, so i went in. and the same thing happened again!

i’m tellin’ ya, it’s the little things in life…

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