as i was saying…

after working many many holiday weekends, especially of the labor day variety, i could appreciate being able to have lengthened weekend off. spent it in scenic stamford, ct with the gf. i left in the wee hours of saturday morning, after hosting club bht from the woodlands. arrived at her place a little after 5a, woke-up around 9:45a to catch an 11a train to nyc. from the train to the 4 – we headed uptown to the bronx. and then we saw this.

yup, ball game over, yankees win!

from there it was downtown, times square to be exact. i was going to take pictures, but they’d be the same stereotypical tourist shots you’ve seen/snapped yourself. so i decided to just enjoy the view.

we met my mom, sis, and aunt at bubba gump shrimp, right in between the hard rock cafe and mtvizzle. the rest of the fam was in town to see the taping of ellen’s show – it aired yesterday. she had hillary clinton and usher as guests.

you wouldn’t think of a seafood place as having amazing burgers, but indeed they did. hotness i tell ya. the fried calamari was also excellent. and the wait staff is hilarious – i particularly enjoyed the quiz on the movie forrest gump before our food was served.

i also left my driver’s license in my car back at the train station. yet through smooth talking, a little sympathy, and i guess my non-boyish looks – i drank miller lite all day throughout the tri-state area.

after another subway trip, a lengthy walk through half of harlem and a train ride – we were back safe and sound in stamford after a nice day gallivanting throughout nyc.

stayed through tuesday morning, and drove right back to work as i pulled down i-81. as usual, the long weekend wasn’t long enough, but hey, i’m not complaining.

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