so funny right now.

so i just got back into the studios here at bht from the starbucks. drive-thru line looked a little long, and i had a few minutes to spare. inside it was.

i get in, and thankfully there’s a small line, but unfortunately, there’s a newbie taking orders.

“this is going to get fun,” i think to myself.

i proceed to the counter, “hey, iced grande coffee, non-fat, two splendas, shot of sugar-free vanilla.”

c’mon, you knew my drink at the big-bad-bucks.

“whoa, sorry man, gotta slow down, i’m new here,” the green-eared and aproned barista responded.

suddenly from the back comes a more experienced worker, who politely takes my order while showing the new guy what buttons to press on the screen.

“yeah, it’ll take you a while to get used to that,” he explains to the amateur.

like i’m some kind of weird species or something. ORDER FAST OR GO HOME!

okay, i’m calm now.

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