monday, monday…

another beginning of the week here at the scenic bht world headquarters. after a record-breaking night of uninterrupted sleep, which commenced and an unheard of time (the snoring began before 2 am), i awoke around 1, refreshed and ready for whatever the day would throw at me.

only a couple hours later, the answer is isn’t much. i actually just found out that i will be able to spend the entire thanksgiving weekend back with close friends and family in niagara falls. the gf and i had coordinated our holiday travel plans – with her meeting me here in wilkes-barre, and together leaving for western new york. she won’t have to be back in her connecticut office until monday either, so now neither of us will cut our weekend short.

what else is going on… thanks again for stopping out to ragz. what a fun time in dallas. can’t wait to do it again this weekend – as we throw a costume party. yes, i am dressing up. no, you cannot find out what my costume is until you stop by ragz. besides, your costume gets you no cover and a five dollar voucher. holler.

turned on msnbc today. through the coverage of the ravaging fires blazing throughout malibu and san diego, uprooting celebs and citizens alike, i noticed the brand new msnbc studios. msnbc and nbc have a brand new state-of-the-art newsroom and studio now at 30 rock in manhattan. previously, msnbc called secaucus, nj their home. the newer digs on tv look amazing. thankfully, i received a personal tour of msnbc when it still lied within the swamps of secacus. hopefully i can snag a insider’s view of the new building.

afterall, i do have a connection or two there…

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