hump day started without something…

i set two alarms for a number of reasons.

first, i’ve been prone to sleep through one. sometimes both isn’t enough – but that’s once in a great while, after going beyond twenty-four hours without sleep.

the second – is that alarms are not human, but are not perfect either. sometimes the alarms don’t fire off. other times, the power goes out.

cue this afternoon.

i set both my dresser-clock and my cell phone for 12:30. i awoke at 12:45 to my cell phone’s extremely annoying ring tone. the gf cringes every time it rings. as i looked over to my clock, i noticed something peculiar.

there were no digits on the display – just a blank stare.

a quick perusing of the room and the apartment building led me to the unfortunate news that the building lacked power. bummer – considering i needed to shave and shower for an early meeting here at the bht world headquarters.

instead – i carefully brushed my teeth, threw on some clothes, and moped in here. ever try squeezing toothpaste onto the brush in the dark? not an easy task my friend.

i’m going to jet home real quick, grab the laptop and dinner, and come back for more blogging fun.

power permitting – i might even shower.

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