according to the new york post – new years eve saw “the king of crunk” dethrone “the mother-fuggin princess”…

“PUNK starlet Avril Lavigne was on the verge of tears New Year’s Eve when she lost the spotlight to ‘Lil Jon. The rude rapper was deejaying a countdown party at Prive, where Lavigne was slated to call the countdown. But before the stroke of midnight, onlookers saw ‘Lil Jon “grab his own mike and steal the show” from Lavigne by “holding his own coundown.” The pop princess was said to be “visibly upset” and clung to her hubby Deryck Whibley, crying “I wanted to do the countdown!” Only when servers brought out Dom Perignon did she calm down.”

who couldn’t picture lavigne crying and whining about this? but more importantly – would you have flipped a lid if lil jon stole your spotlight?

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