sunday night, friday’s on kidder, and lifehouse…

the following is an excerpt from “the ralphie report” that will be printed this wednesday in the weekender.
Thank goodness for BlackBerry’s, Google, and Sunday nights in Wilkes-Barre.

Afternoon-ace A.J., Midday-mogul Marino, and I all ventured to T.G.I. Friday’s on Kidder Street. Marino and I sought out reduced prices on spirits and greasy appetizers. In the act, we simply coaxed A.J. into joining in.

The three of us bantered about a number of subjects, with Monday’s acoustic performance of Lifehouse inside The Mall at Steamtown dominating the discussion. Coincidentally enough, we heard First Time blaring over the bar speakers as we discussed the Malibu, California-based band.

Immediately after that – the group’s latest track – Whatever It Takes – played throughout Friday’s. I observe two guys on my right, whose attire doesn’t exactly scream, “NEPA.”

My BHT cohorts vehemently deny that there’s any possibility rock stars are drinking amongst us. I dissent, and decide to end the matter in a twenty-first century manner.

Google Image Search via BlackBerry led us to Bassist Bryce Soderberg and Drummer Rick Woolstenhulme, Jr., who were flattered we recognized them. The men comprise two-thirds of Lifehouse – lead singer and guitarist Jason Wade decided to rest in his hotel room.

For the record – national recording acts play their own music on jukeboxes in bars.

A couple rounds, boneless wings, and games of music trivia later – Rick retired to bed, while Bryce rolled with us to Mohegan Sun – offering up the “rockstar” moment of the night.

“Wait, I thought I was betting $10, not $50. Oh well,” the bassist nonchalantly stated in between hands of video Blackjack.

Bryce confessed earlier in the night that he and Colbie Caillat engaged in a summer fling while the two acts toured with headliner Goo Goo Dolls. According to Soderberg, Caillat broke his heart.

I guess the former tanning salon attendant doesn’t leave everyone feeling Bubbly.

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