10 ways to catch him cheating…

an fyi, just in case you’re trying to break free from that relationship of yours…

“…There are 3 areas that you can see a possible change – his personal behavior, his phone behavior and his computer behavior.

1. Check his cell phone bill. Is there suspicious numbers with long duration, that he is doing after just leaving your house or just before coming home in the evening, that could be a sign of cheating.
2. Check his credit card statement. Are there amounts that you do not know about that seem suspicious restaurant visits, hotel nights or travels. Is there any gifts purchased for a women, lipsticks, jewelry, flowers… but you did not receive the gift.
3. Go through his wallet for unexplained receipts. Usually cheating men has a lot of cash on them, they do not want to leave trace on the credit card statement.
4. Check his ATM withdrawals, is he carrying a lot more cash than usual. Check the transaction record for where and when he took money out. Should he be somewhere else when the withdrawals are done?
5. Check the mileage on his car. His driving pattern might change, is he putting a lot of extra miles on the car. Is he spending more money on gas, than usual? Monitor your husband or boyfriend for a couple of weeks. Keep track of the mileage. Also monitor when he leaves for work and comes home from work.
6. Does he say that he has to work overtime? Check his paycheck is the overtime not showing up on his paycheck… this is a sign.
7. Check the phone. Press the re-dial on his phone or “star”69. This way you can see who he has been calling.
8. If you suspect that the cheating might even be going on in your own home. Make false plans to go out of town, stay with a friend or at a hotel. Then watch your house from a distant. Have a non-violent plan for what you want to do if your nightmare does come true. Be smart about it.
9. If you have a phone number that you would like to know whom that belongs to use a phone lock up service. It will give you the name, address and personal information.
10. Computer spy ware, if you think your husband is chatting or emailing somebody he is not suppose to install a spy ware program that monitors all computer and internet activities, it will tell you what sites he has been on, who he is emailing, what is in the emails…”

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