will he be your man’s best friend?

Harrison Forbes, dog trainer and host of the nationally syndicated radio and television show “Pet Talk”, says that there are a few steps a woman and her prospective mate can take to help Fido accept that there is a new member in the pack.

~~ “The easiest route to a dog’s heart is through the belly”. He suggests the new boyfriend feed the dog for a few days. In fact, letting your boyfriend hand-feed your canine will be a bonding experience for both of them, an experience that will especially help your four-legged friend learn to trust and respect your new beau.

~~ Next, hand over the leash, Frisbee or ball. “It falls on the man to take time and effort to bond with the dog”. However, if your dog is really standoffish, go slowly. “…If a dog is fearful or suspicious, don’t try to shove your friendship on him. Dogs have a real antenna for somebody invading their personal space. They react better if you don’t get in their face and act smoochy-smoochy.”

~~ The trainers says you should always remember that dogs do not like to feel cornered, especially by strangers who are invading their territory. In fact, since the first meeting sets the tone, you may want to have the introduction between your dog and man to take place on neutral ground, like a park. “Just be calm, walk together, and have a couple of treats in your hand”.If a man is afraid of dogs, the woman should arrange for a first introduction that is focused on another activity (like watching a movie) to diffuse the nervous energy. Try to keep the conversation light, Forbes says, and have a handful of dog snacks nearby.

~~ Finally, that age-old question: Can a woman really share her bed with man and beast? Yes, but maybe not right away. “On the first night, take your dog to a boarding kennel or another part of the house”. Just make sure the dog knows he is not being punished. “Dogs are pretty willing followers. If it just becomes the norm and his scent is in the room, he’ll sense the change and not fight it so much.”

i despise dogs, and this post.

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