salutations from lake george…

the last time i traveled to lake george, i was young. i think four or five years old little. my family and i attended a wedding here. i remember a hot, small church; a cool room on the lake; and playing basketball whenever i could. i know, random.

anyways, a now 18 years later, i return. i’m actualy in bolton landing, ny. syracuse university hosts a state-wide conference here at the sagamore annually for students of technologies majors who are underrepresented in the field – including minorities, students whose parents didn’t attend college, etc. it’s a two day affair that ends with a huge dance party. that brings in yours truly.

i didn’t arrive until 5, and have been on the move ever since. randomly ran into a friend i worked with in buffalo, went through a 40-minute sound check, showered and dressed in record time, and spun for about 3 hours. in between all of that, i stopped at a wine store and a supermarket, thanks to the free shuttle service at my disposal.

if bolton landing can offer such a thing as rockstar treatment, i’m receiving it. nice pay, free suite… after the manager found out i didn’t have a chance to eat dinner, the people here at the resort reopened the kitchen for me.

i could get used to this.

nonetheless, it’s been an eye-opening experience. i realized tonight how little i know about reggae and soca music. tomorrow i’ll make a 10a brunch, jog around the resort, and head back to wilkes-barre, stopping in syracuse on the way to visit family and friends.

until then, please excuse me, as i have to finish my turkey sandwich, polish off my glass of pinot noir, and turn down the sheets.

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