personal musings…

– big thank you to everyone at geisinger for mending me up, and for bht for allowing me a sick night. cannot tell you how great i feel right now. by this time tomorrow i’ll be all ready for this weekend – which is shaping up to be pretty fly!

– go buy the new coldplay and lil wayne cds – like yesterday. coldplay is my new favorite band. chris martin and the boys have released four straight dope LPs. much love. and lil weezy? dopest mc in the game, and he backs it up on this album. i love the way he handled this cd – the leaks, the mixtapes, all the different tracks/versions released. not only did weezy drop the biggest debut cd of the year in regards to sales, but i think he’s set a new trend in the way major labels will look to market hip hop artists.

gonna go for a very abbreviated jog and run a few errands before popping in to the studio to get the big thursday night show in motion – be on the look out for a BRAND NEW segment at 10p – it’ll be hot!

much love!

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