thank you thank you thank you.

i understand what’s going on.

as a teenager growing up in niagara falls, i constantly dragged parents and friends to concerts and autograph signings. from toronto to rochester, i left no stone unturned. a wwe wrestler in canada? there. buffalo sabres flying in to the niagara falls airport at 2a? c’mon dad, time to go.

furthermore, i lived with a younger sister that experienced the rise of boy bands. so i watched as she called radio stations frantically attempting to score backstage passes, while eventually offering a little help when i could, now that i’m surrounded by the access.

i’m sure as a parent or guardian, aunt or cousin, nothing pleasures you more than to see your beloved child happy. and whether “happy” means meeting the jonas brothers or simply attending the show on the lawn, you’re willing to go to almost any parameter to make it happen.

at bht, and as someone who experienced this personally, it’s understood that this isn’t an easy task. to some extent, i can imagine what the past few weeks have been like. moments of hope, moments of failure – times when you smiled, and others when you wanted to cry.

all we ask is that at the end of the day, you put things in to perspective – realize what matters most in life – and understand that there’s only so much bht, or for that matter, any entity can do – and trust me, we did everything in our powers to make sure the most amount of people could enjoy tonight’s jonas brothers show. plus, we were sure to act in a fair and understanding manner throughout.

thank you for listening, and reading – and please – enjoy the show.


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