why i haven’t posted/slept…

as quickly as possible, i’m going to run down my weekend for you…

– thursday: on-air in studio til 10, live from the woodlands til midnight, back to the station for web work, left at 2a, prepped for senator obama visit, fell asleep at 4a (friday).A

– friday: awoke at 8a, arrived at avoca airport, jill from wbre tells me the landing is closed to the press, drove to schott glass, weightlisted for credentials, finally allowed in (but without my engineer), filmed event, chased obama around nepa, grabbed food, met couple i would be dj-ing wedding for in dallas, stopped home, went to the station – on-air til 10, woodlands til midnight. headed home, took care of work, fell asleep at 4a (saturday).

– saturday: awoke at 9a, on-air 10-1p, came home and showered, dj-d wedding in dallas, came home, wrote a few pieces, went to bed at 5a (sunday).

– sunday: awoke at 9a, showered and drove into new york city, spent all day working on side projects, met up with a friend after, arrived home, took care of station work, fell asleep at 6a (monday).

– monday: awoke at 12p, showered and drove to wachovia arena, interviewed idol’s, broadcasted live til 7, on-air in studio til midnight, took care of the ralphie report, production, web work… fell asleep at 7.

– tuesday: rather mundane.
now it’s 4a on wednesday, i’m officially on vacation, and a little more than 24 hours from now, will be boarding a flight that will ultimately land me in miami 🙂

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