Lost! or Lost?

I’m not asking for a review or your two cents of the Coldplay tracks that bear the name of this post… but while we’re on the subject, let me just quickly mention that I legally downloaded the Prospekt’s March EP for a mere .99 through amazon.com. I’ve never spent a dollar better, ever.

BTW, “Lost+ (f. Jay-Z)” is my favorite of the Lost tracks. Anyways, I’ve lost two items that are near and dear to me, within’ a couple of days. Both are materialistic and could easily be replaced physically – but it still irks me, and rightfully so, that I’d have to spend money on top of the time already lost looking for these items – which, if not for my incompentence, would still be in my possession.

Just my watch and my goofy winter hat. Can’t find neither. If you find either, a small reward may be claimed…

That’s my hat and I after I had just purchased it… in better times, if you will.

Isn’t it equally ridiculous that looking for the aforementioned misplaced items almost made me late to appointments a handful of times this week? Ugh, happy holidays.

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