Nominated as one of ‘The Top 100 Men in Radio’ – THANK YOU!

On Monday morning, “Live! with Regis and Kelly” released their list of the Top 100 Men of Radio in conjunction with the show’s search for five men to co-host the show for a day with Kelly Ripa. There were no divisions based on radio stations or market size – I was contending against every radio personality from coast to coast, and in to Canada – Howard Stern to Seacrest to Elvis Duran. Yet, go ahead and look, I’m there.

First of all, words cannot express my gratitude to the outpouring of support I received when I first asked for people’s assistance in this. I don’t work for the accolates, but the love doesn’t hurt. So, thank you.

And yes, this is far from over – and very much still an up-hill battle from here – voting begins January 10.

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