Appreciating The View

Allow me to preface this: I love the core of my job. The circumstances aren’t always favorable, but the opportunity to tell compelling stories in a compelling fashion over multiple platforms is what makes me tick.

I think we’re all guilty at one point or another though of falling in to a “routine.” In my case, this “routine” is some-what necessary – I’m a one-man show producing for multiple radio stations, websites, and various other outlets. Some of what I do, for lack-of-a-better term, is automated. If I didn’t develop these processes to accomplish the amount of work I do, then I wouldn’t be able to publish the quantity and quality of content that you see, read, or hear from me.

The only problem with my routine is that at times, I don’t allow myself to step back and see what I’ve created, or am so focused with its creation that all I see is the content. Don’t misread this: I look at the big picture frequently. I am constantly forced to think steps ahead in order to achieve the success that I’m striving for. I just think that I can do a better job of reminding myself that there’s more to life than blogging, video editing, and interviews – even if the aforementioned is the standing majority.

Despite not leaving the studio from the previous night until 2 a.m. that morning, Friday was an amazing day. My first stop was Starbucks, followed by a late-morning studio session to tape a segment with Life & Style’s Jordi Lippe. Then I drove three and a half hours to New London, CT – where more studio time awaited me. Following my radio show, I hit up one of my favorite cafes on earth for a latte, salad, and free Wi-Fi. After all, I had some blog updates and podcasts to post (yes BTW, I launched on iTunes, going to save that for a different day). After polishing off a couple e-mails, my dinner, and a quick chat with a co-worker, I checked in to my hotel. The Syracuse/UConn game played on the small LCD in front of me as I jogged two miles uphill on a treadmill in the gym. I showered as the Orange relinquished the lead, tied the game, and lost in OT. My ride arrived shortly after – and off to Ultra 88 Nightclub in Mohegan Sun we went for my monthly appearance. The night winded down in the early hours of the morning with a trip to Johnny Rockets and a $5 blackjack table.

Saturday morning I was once again reminded that I am no longer 21 as I threw on whatever clothes I saw to order Starbucks in the lobby. As I packed my bag to drive home, I finally realized that I was staying on the top floor of the hotel (which you need key access for, I still find that cool).

That is about the extent of what I saw from my room. I was (as always) cutting it close to check-out time, and needed to hit the road so I could make a couple stops before arriving home.

There is no way I would complain about my Friday night. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t have enjoyed the view a little longer.

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