Carson Daly Says ‘F THAT!’ to Staged Britney Spears Interview

Carson Daly insists that Michael Jackson’s management wasn’t as strict as the team around Britney Spears, and that has caused Daly to turn down an opportunity to interview the “Womanizer” singer.

“I was jst TOLD my @britneyspears interview tomm on @ampradio MUST b pre-recorded & submitted 4 approval by HER mgmt b4 it can air!” tweeted Daly. “F THAT!” (sic).

Daly elaborated that Spears’ management wanted him to pre-tape the interview and submit it for not just approval, but editing as well. If he agreed to waive his right to final cut (as well as the First Amendment), then her team would send him back a copy of the interview for air.

“I’ve known and supported (Spears) since she was 15,” Daly responded to a fan’s inquiry. “This has nothing to do w her. Just her ppl,” (sic).

Daly believes that Spears might not even know what her management is doing. The singer releases her seventh studio LP, Femme Fatale, today.

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