Justin Bieber’s Manager Awakened by Fan’s Mother in Hotel

Justin Bieber’s manager learned the hard way last night that “Bieber Fever” is contagious not just in teenagers, but their mothers.

Scooter Braun is currently overseas with the pop star on the European leg of the “My World Tour.” A fan’s mom not only found out what Manchester hotel he was staying in, but what floor he was staying on.

“Dear mother who showed up on my hotel floor at 230 am last night demanding that I wake up justin for ur kids…ARE YOU F*#KIN KIDDING ME!?! (sic)” Braun tweeted to his almost half-a-million followers. “It is never the kids that are rude and insane…always the moms. I know you love your kids but think about the example you are setting.”

Braun discovered Bieber on YouTube and guided the teenager to international fame. You’d think by this point he would’ve seen it all… then again, you’d think mothers would have a little more common sense.

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