NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 2

– I much prefer the one hour to the two hour “Idol” episodes. The shows move quicker with less filler.

– These judges are becoming predictable in their tendencies and decisions. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing, as familiarity sometimes can be a positive with viewers.

– I don’t think the show did Pittsburgh justice. Where were the Primanti Bros. sandwiches or the local radio personalities? For a city as spread out as Pittsburgh is, it just felt like they only filmed in and around Heinz Field the entire time.

– Heejun Han messed with my mind. Hearing an awkward Asian kid belt out Michael Bolton like that… damn! The entire time until he sang I’m thinking to myself, “Why did they lead with this kid?!”
– Reel Grimm’s creativity blew me away. Needs to translate that to a mainstream song though, not just show tunes.
– Chase Likens, big mountaineer that can grab the red state vote with that country croon.
– Dug 19 year-old Samantha Novacek, her planking sister though was straight-out awkward, no pun intended.
– Creighton Fraker is this year’s Paul McDonald. His alt appeal will take him far but not to the top.
– Eben Frankowitz didn’t blow me away. Reminded me more of YouTube star Greyson Chance than Bieber, but Chance has a much more developed voice.
– Erika Van Pelt, regardless of the outcome on the show, is going to make bank on the New England wedding circuit.
– Unlike last night’s last performer, I thought Hallie Day was worthy of the distinction. Need to hear her sing more though before I can decide if I think she has staying power.

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