NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 3

– “Idol” auditions in San Diego took place on a aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Midway. It was as if show producers though to them selves, “Well ESPN can use one for a college basketball game, why not put auditions there?”

– Why not? Well, the noise factor of the ship, other boats close in proximity, and the near-by airport and train station made for an allegedly noisy two days. I find it hard to believe that this wasn’t more well-thought out ahead of time, so you wonder if the noise factor was exaggerated a little.

– You knew on this episode that contestants who received golden tickets were genuinely excited about performing in the competition – no one from San Diego is going to start screaming simply over a trip down to Hollywood.

– The “Steven Tyler censor” bit is starting to grow old. We get it; he’s a bit of a loose cannon with a potty mouth. Let him be. Besides, his comment mid-episode about having to hear Adele covers over and over for six hours was hilarious.

– Talk about great lead-in programming synergy. FOX airs “Idol” this week after the male-friendly NFC Championship game. The reality show responds by leading tonight’s episode off with a voluptuous 19 year-old female dressed in a bikini top and daisy dukes. No, Jennifer Diley could not sing. By the way, we saw further evidence of this throughout the episode, as FOX ran small graphics promoting Saturday’s UFC fight on the network.
– Someone tell single mom Ashley Robles that while a successful entertainment career may afford your 5 year-old daughter a greater financial upbringing, I’m not sure it’ll make parenting all that easier (as she stated it would). Robles did well though, and I respect her hustle as a single mom holding down countless jobs to make ends meet.
– Jayrah Gibson is a charismatic R&B singer who does not have enough talent to crack the top 20.
– Aubree Dieckmeyer’s voice and disposition reminded me a lot of Colbie Caillat. The 20 year-old does come off though as your typical Californian girl. I don’t think she has the vocal range to make it far.
– Ali Shields made her second national TV appearance as a contestant. The first was when Ellen DeGeneres invited her on set after writing and recording a song about the TV host. They referenced this and showed clips from “Ellen” – perhaps the ultimate nod to the notion that there is no bad blood at all between DeGeneres and “Idol.” As for Shields, after a poor-woman’s performance of Karmin’s “Look at Me Now” rendition, she belts out a version of “Like a Star” that earns her a trip to the next round.
– Kyle Crews is by far, my favorite contestant yet. He showed off great vocal range with his Monica cover, and women across the country will find his teddy bear-like demeanor disarming and cute. Yes, I can’t believe I just wrote that about a guy either, but trust me here, I think the 19 year-old frat boy from UC Berkeley can make a solid run in this competition.
– Jim Carrey’s daughter auditions. Yes, Jane Carrey is good, but as she stated in a story about her, everyone will attribute her success to her father. JLO also notes that she met Jane when Jim’s daughter was only two years-old. You wonder if people will cry “conflict of interest” at JLO and “Idol” should the 24 year-old make it deep in this competition. There doesn’t seem to be any type of professional conflict – but is Jim is close to 19 Entertainment or anyone else associated with the show, thus landing his daughter a prime spot in the audition?
– Jason Hamlin, aka, “Wolf,” belts out some classic tunes in the show’s final audition of the evening. Different and talented are usually a good combination in this competition, but I think Hamlin may be a little too different. It seems he’d be more comfortable belting out CCR covers at a corner bar than covering Rod Stewart in front of millions on a Hollywood stage.

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