NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 5

– Cool to see “Idol” continuing to explore different places for auditions, showing off parts of the country that don’t fall within a top 10 market.

– Judges interviews/auditions at the top of the show looked so staged.

– I love Randy Jackson’s laugh when he’s pleasantly surprised or disgusted. He laughs the same way for both.

– Guess I predicted JLO coming off as a diva correctly, as she spent a nice chunk of the episode fighting Steven and Randy.

– Phong Vu is going to end up being famous, it’s a shame. A William Hung wanna-be.
– 17 year-old country singer/deer hunter Skylar Laine was one of the best contestants yet. I could see her going far in this.
– Baylie Brown was good, but she’s 21 and made it to Hollywood at 16. I applaud her persistence but I find it disheartening that people get a second chance when some don’t even receive a deserving first.
– Kristine Osoris used a loan to pay her divorce attorney for her flight to audition. Decent voice, certainly women will love her story.
– Cortez Shaw did an Adele cover justice, turning “Someone Like You” in to a uptempo R&B song. The kid has the looks and charm as well – the best pure R&B singer to audition yet.
– Ramiro Garcia won a golden ticket, after being born without ears. Amazing story.

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