NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 10

– It seemed the big theme that carried over from last episode to this one was illness. The number of people not just feeling under the weather but throwing up or passing out was just absurd. It gets to the point where, and I said this about last episode, something needs to be done. Either it’s staged or the conditions are so poor, that there needs to be some type of labor oversight or overhaul. I understand this is a competition and showbiz can be tough – but when is enough, enough? Furthermore, what type of message does it send to kids who want to sing for a living? Not to mention, the shock value of watching someone pass out on “Idol” is gone now – we almost expect it every episode.

– Heejun Han, the awkward Asian-American from Flushing, NY, is my favorite person. He does have a great voice too, but his candidness is absolutely hilarious, and I’m rooting for him.

– I’m still not a fan of Phillip Phillips. This is the kid who earlier in the season ruined “Thriller” for me.

– I became a fan of Reed Grimm this episode. He showed versatility (way to not sing just show tunes) and flexibility (drums and vocals on “Georgia” were amazing).

– Shannon Magrane is a mini-Carrie Underwood in my eyes – she could go very far.

– Joshua Ledet is one of those singers that might not win “Idol” but will still do very well for himself.

– Jen Hirsh’s “average girl” look and voice could resonate with a large audience.

– Still a big fan of Angie Zeiderman. She’s different in the right ways (kind of like, Lady GaGa).

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