NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 13

– So glad these eliminations are over. If I had to hear one more time, “I don’t want to drag this out,” only to watch the process drag out, I was going to throw something at my TV. They spent almost half of the one-hour episode filling the final two spots. Absurd.

– Steven Tyler dropped his best line since joining “Idol,” following the semi-elimination of Jermaine Jones: “I thought I’d become a singer in this business to break people’s hearts in a good way.” Make no mistake, Tyler is the true star of this show.

– The Jones elimination was a good moment for Jackson, Tyler, and JLO – it was nice to see all three judges equally emotional yet agree with the call.

– Overall, I agree with who was selected for the Top 24. I find next week’s sudden death elimination for the 13th spot on the men’s side a little weird. I think both Richie Law and David Leathers Jr. should make America’s vote regardless. The non-selection of them both are probably my two biggest issues with the judges’ decisions.

– I don’t know what it is, but something strikes me about Jeremy Rosado in a good way. I think he can make a good run in this competition.

– Shannon Magrane reminds me of Lauren Alaina, but better. I think she can easily make top 3.

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