NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 14

– No surprise that when the judges are cheered for one by one, Steven Tyler receives the loudest applause.
– Loved that Steven and Seacrest had a little fun at JLO’s expense with her nip-slip at Sunday’s Oscars. I’d love it even more if JLO retaliated by dumping Bisquick on Seacrest tomorrow.
– Randy Jackson saying one-one instead of eleven is still annoying.
– “Idol” got it wrong in giving Jermaine Jones a second chance. No mass appeal, singing is OK.
– Overall you can’t put much in to what the judges told the contestants tonight. Obviously they were trying to hype the talent so that the stage is set for this season.

– Liked Reed Grimm’s jazzy take on “Moves Like Jagger.”
– Adam Brock is good but not great.
– Deandre Brackensick is great, but not great for this competition.
– The judges nailed it with Colton Dixon – the most relevant artist in the show – he could walk off the stage and on to radio as is.
– Jeremy Rosado did a Sara Bareilles song justice. Impressive.
– Aaron Marcellus was OK.
– Chase Likens has the country advantage and good looks on his side but needs stronger performances to make a run.
– Creighton Fraker wasn’t bad but wasn’t great.
– I haven’t liked Phillip Phillips from the first time we saw him.
– Same can be said for Eben Franckewitz. If you’re going to cover such a popular, contemporary song, you need to nail it. He was far from that.
– Heejun Han was good but let’s face it, people are going to vote for him until they have a clear-cut reason not to.
– Joshua Ledet may not win, but he is the best singer of the guys.

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