NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 7

– Last episode of auditions, from St. Louis. This is where Carrie Underwood auditioned, and “Idol” did her justice with an awe-inspiring opening montage that took you from Underwood’s Oklahoma farm, to St. Louis, and right to country singer stardom. Say what you want about the show, but these people know how to tell great stories.

– I love how humble Steven Tyler comes off: signing autographs, giving pep talks, joking around.

– The staged interviews between the judges and local Fox affiliates as they enter the building – over it.

– JLO had the line of the night: “We do things for love sometimes.”

– So much talent in this episode. Johnny Keyser led off, and he is one of a couple people from this audition that I could see in the top five when it’s all done.
– Rachelle Lamb was good but obviously nervous. If she can calm her voice, the country woman-for-herself persona could resonate.
– I didn’t think Reis Kloeckener was that good, he just doesn’t have strong vocals and didn’t blow me away with his rendition of “Lean on Me.”
– Ethan Jones – another top five candidate. Strong, versatile male vocal that can do country, rock, pop, or soul justice. Reminded me a bit of Chris Daughtry.
– Lauren Gray was also outstanding, and I don’t think the Carrie Underwood comparison they made to end the show was too far off.

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