NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 8

– First episode of “Hollywood Week.”

– Still think Johnny Keyser is going to be a top 5 finalist this season.
– Heejun Han has a great voice but I can’t see his nerves allowing him to get through the week.
– Baylie Brown blew me away – gorgeous and great voice. Plenty of twang there to go around.
– Lauren Gray sounded great, but definitely separated herself from the Carrie Underwood comparison they made during her audition in St. Louis. Gray is much grittier.
– Phillip Phillips and Reed Grimm are still awful – how’d they get to the next round?
– Travis Orlando should have made it through, a shame he didn’t.
– Jane Carrey didn’t deserve to make it through, and I’m glad she was judged by her talents and not who her father is (actor Jim).
– 17 year-old Shannon Magrane still has a chance to be the 2012, cuter version of last year’s runner-up, Lauren Alaina.
– David Leathers, Jr. could be the next Justin Bieber. Talented, young, charming.
– Glad Angie Zeiderman made it to the next round – thought she was uniquely talented.
– Bizarre end to the episode with teenager Symone Black falling off the stage. I’d imagine if she was seriously injured they wouldn’t have shown that – right?

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