Joseph Kony, The World’s Most Wanted Man

The power of social media never ceases to amaze. Jason Russell released a 27 minute film documenting Joseph Kony, the leader of the Ugandan-based Lord’s Resistance Army. The LRA has allegedly forced more than 30,000 children in to its army to fight, arming children with guns and other weapons. Kony has been charged with using these kids as sex slaves and soldiers to kill the innocent, including ordering the children to murder their own parents.

The video below is disturbing in nature, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Invisible Children, a non-profit based in California, is behind the video. The organization’s goal is to raise awareness and ultimately, bring Kony to justice by the end of 2012. Since the video’s release on Monday, Kony has been trending on Twitter in one fashion or another. He is considered a wanted man by Uganda’s government, and has allegedly been able to allude them for over 20 years.

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