NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 15

– Can we please retire the mention and use of Adele and her music on this show? Pretty please?

– The candid banter between the judges and Seacrest seems at times forced and at other times a little cerebral, no? It’s almost as if there is this unspoken-about animosity that they have to joke about every time.

– It was nice to see tonight, as opposed to last night, the judges offer a little more constructive criticism over praise.

– Note to contestants: whenever Lana Del Ray is brought up during your critique, even if it’s meant as a compliment, it probably won’t bode well for your votes/career.

– No way Chelsea Sorrell makes it past this week.
– Erika Van Pelt sounds like Erika Van Kelly Clarkson. Girl can sing!
– Jen Hirsh shouldn’t have picked an Adele song. No one but Adele can do Adele justice… okay, except John Legend.
– Also, let’s retire Otis Redding’s “(Sittin’ on) The Dock of the Bay.” Brielle Von Hugel’s poor song choice may have cost her big time as well.
– I thought Hallie Day was OK – haven’t been a big fan of her’s from the start.
– Skylar Laine is going to go far in this competition. She has the sound, look, and genre (country) on her side.
– The only thing that saves Baylie Brown this vote is her looks.
– Loved Hollie Cavanagh, don’t sleep on this one!
– Haley Johnsen doesn’t make it to the next round.
– Shannon Magrane wow-ed me yet again.
– If that’s what Jessica Sanchez sounds like sick, can’t wait to hear her at full health.
– Elise Testone is one of those singers that might just need an “Idol” appearance, not a win, to have a successful career. Super talented.

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