NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 16

– I didn’t think there were a lot of hard decisions to be made with tonight’s episode. There is a lot of talent this season, but not an abundance where people were going to get robbed.

– I’m very happy that Jimmy Iovine is back. If you compare what Iovine said about each contestant to what I wrote – it is virtually identical, sans Heejun Han, Phillip Phillips, and Jermaine Jones.

– The “Beats” audio dock in the background of Iovine’s camera shot is great – Interscope has a partnership with Dr. Dre and Monster on the Beats brand, which has done very well for itself.

– Iovine had the line of the night when he noted that while Joshua Ledet is good, they have to be careful not to turn him in to Sister Act III. I lost it!

– Loved the raw emotion shown by all three judges tonight, whether they were defending comments against critiques from Iovine or crying over America’s vote.

– You have to remember with Iovine too, he’s going to be a little more critical and honest than the judges because he’s not in this for the popularity or the ratings – he wants stars that he can turn revenue on. Think about it: who from last year has come through for him in that sense?

– Overall I’m happy with the Final 13. I don’t think Jermaine Jones deserved the second chance, let alone America’s vote in the top 10. I’m still not a fan of Deandre Brackensick and I think he’ll be one of the first to be eliminated. Loved JLO’s save of Jeremy Rosado.

– For the ladies – Erika Van Pelt needed the save, and is worthy. Again, if you look back at my notes, I was dead-on with my picks of the ladies. A perfect six-for-six.

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