NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 22

– I like the touring prospects of the Top 10 on “Idol” this season. Like last year, there are a lot of different, unique voice and personalities – and I predict ticket sales will not be an issue for a second straight year.

– Jimmy Iovine’s postmortems on each performance are ridiculously on point. I love the new “picture-in-picture” when he starts talking about a judge.

– Huge testament to Elise Testone that her performance was so good, Iovine admitted he was wrong to ask her to change her song selection.

– “Idol” tonight took two steps forward for entertainment and two steps backwards for credibility. The first forward/backward movement came with Lana Del Rey’s performance. I don’t think she sucks, but she isn’t good.

– Joe Perry showing up for Steven Tyler’s birthday celebration was priceless – another classic “Idol” moment.

– Haley Reinhart looked great and sounded okay. I think her single is too pop-sounding for her voice.

– The second forward/backward movement came in America’s decision. No doubt Heejun is entertaining, but sacrificing a talent like Erika Van Pelt for that damages the “Idol” credibility in my opinion.

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