NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 23

– I find it interesting how much “Idol” is pushing people to Twitter as opposed to Facebook, now even offering up each contestant’s username on screen after the performance. There are far more Facebook than Twitter users, but obviously Twitter is a little better for a more real-time, back-and-forth discussion of the show.

– Great to see Jason Derulo there with former “Idol” Jordin Sparks. I love the contest Derulo is doing in conjunction with the show and Coca-Cola, and certainly encouraging news that he’ll perform on the finale.

– I don’t think Jimmy Iovine has figured out enough ways to incorporate the Beats logo in to “Idol.” No, really Jimmy, why don’t you just make all of the contestants wear the hat you wore tonight?

– I enjoyed Stevie Nicks as a guest mentor because she was knowledgeable yet didn’t try to impose her will on any of the singers.

– I don’t think it is a coincidence that there were so many great performances on the show. Each contestant had the opportunity to choose a song that they felt most comfortable with. I would hope that they could do that correctly at this stage of the competition.

– Colton Dixon is in the same lane right now as Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert. It doesn’t matter if he wins; I’m sure he has a hit single coming to radio later this year.
– I thought Skylar Laine was great. Problem is, she isn’t going to be able to sing a country song tailored for her every week.
– Heejun Han really was “Hee-new-jun” as Jimmy said. If he continues to show that type of talent, with his charm, there is no doubt he can make top 3. This is despite my opinion that he may not be one of the top 5 when it comes to pure voice or skill.
– Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler hit it on the head – Hollie Cavanagh was GOOD… OK… but not as great as she could be with the range she has shown in her voice.
– I would like to issue a speeding ticket to Tyler for comparing DeAndre Brackensick to Prince. C’mon son.
– If America gets it right, and she doesn’t royally screw up, Jessica Sanchez will win “Idol.” What talent and guts to change the tempo of a Beyonce song and nail it on national TV.
– Phillip Phillps was great. Can’t believe I typed that. However, like Skylar, he isn’t going to be able to sing songs in his lane like that every week.
– I got chills when Joshua Ledet hit some of those notes. I’ve said it from Day 1; he may not win, but he has the best voice on this show.
– When Dixon opened the show I thought, “Why wouldn’t ‘Idol’ producers end with him?” Elise Testone was why – and I hope America shows her love with its vote.

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