NOTES: ‘American Idol’ Season 11, Episode 25

– I vote for Gwen Stefani to be a guest mentor every week. Seriously though, I thought her and Tony Kanal were great.

– Love when Jimmy Iovine tells the old-timer stories, like him passing on the “Flashdance” soundtrack.

– I’m sorry but I think I’d rather have a shorter show than the duets. We really can’t judge these contestants on those, right?

– Thought for sure the girl that played Ari’s daughter on “Entourage” was sitting next to DeAndre when he sang. I was wrong, but it looks just like her!

– Another good week for DeAndre, showing range and picking a song that fits him perfectly. I still don’t think he belongs on this show though, sorry.
– I thought Elise Testone was pretty good. Steven Tyler didn’t agree. Loved how he ended his critique: “but… yeah.”
– Best performance yet for Phillip Phillips. I might be pulling a 180 on this kid ala Jimmy Iovine.
– Joshua Ledet still has the best voice in this competition.
– I still think Jessica Sanchez will win. Not only will she win, but she’ll have hit singles. Yes, plural.
– Hollie Cavanagh is dead woman walking for Thursday’s results show.
– Colton Dixon’s rehearsal duet with Gwen Stefani – how great was that? His performance was awesome as well, and he receives extra props for crediting Quietdrive with the arrangement he used of “Time After Time.”
– Skylar Laine was good but not great in my opinion. She does deserve credit though for moving out of her country comfort zone.

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